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  1. Just wait for me boys..

    Ty, and good luck on your application.
  2. I WAN TO GO CLAN WARRRING AND I WANT TO DO IT NOWWWWWWWWWWW It's been about 15 days since my last post and as you can see the journey has been long ASF STARTING OVER FROM SCRATCH IS SOME BULLSHITTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT Anyways, I am fuckin hyped to be apart of the domination again with yall. You guys are looking bad ass out there, I been keeping up with weekly trips and videos and can't wait to join wtff.. All this new gear and shit@@@, IM TRYNA BALISTA /GMAUL SOME NINJAS. The Fatality CC is locked from chatting, and I understand the bots are crazy. so ADD ME BROS RSN- UR BLUFFIN Yo BIG ShoutOUT to ih8 for giving this rando former Fi 10m from his stakes to help me get a head start. Expect that to be repaid in full one day my ninja. And shoutout to my aussie Fi, I'm from the states west coast but I just like to stay up late lmao.. GG GRATS ON PROMOS TOO FELLAS, SEE YOU SOON ONE DAY.
  3. [Part 2] Spring Promotions 2018

  4. still grinding and that

    Attaboy Mitchy!@
  5. New Cape, New me.

    Beast mode.
  6. The journey from scratch..

    Thank you bro, I appreciate the support.
  7. The journey from scratch..

    AHHH, i definitely dont plan on going defense at all. Didn't know they changed that.
  8. Practising my edits / Critique me bby

    Adding the audio from Discord was a great touch.
  9. The journey from scratch..

    Range/gmaul for the mid way pk process as I continue to grow. Only interested in the 50 atk for the low/mid level pking but I do plan to 60 atk max out. 31 pray, then 52 Smite, then eventually Rigour and Augury Definitely wouldn't mind Pking with a Heavy Balista too! Looking forward to trying new items.
  10. I look forward to rejoining my former clan one day. One .. very ... long day from now. I wish Fi the utmost prosperity while I attempt this journey of rebuilding. Hope to also recreate a pker as worthy as Doi was back then. Grz on 50M XP Baranged.