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  1. main gainz

    mains over puresss
  2. krZ's NMZ & Void Service

    grats anon (temporarily doing skills, other than rc and agility)
  3. Comparison of Legend/Elders

    wish i was a pharmacist :/ just a pharmacy tech aboutta become an emt
  4. What the actual fuck. V2

    dude.. almost 13 yrs for me and same l0l
  5. @Couck is my son, me and chef made him. Went from a quiet little awkward freak to never shutting up.. Foreign fag <3 <3 <3 LA COCINAAAAAA
  6. Hacked </3

    sad dude.. don't trust anybody on a video game.
  7. krZ's NMZ & Void Service

    sounds good man, good to have you back as well.
  8. Iskra lawrence is an ugly slut

    taking my jobs... fag.
  9. need a slave 97-99 hp how much

    @Sensat1ons hmu if you need me
  10. At fucking last.

    good shit
  11. RS> GF

    shiiiit, that 400-600 a week ain't a joke naa'meaaan lmao