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  1. Sup.

    welcome rebel, looking forward to seeing u around
  2. Unckle Stolen

    welcome rhode
  3. soup

  4. LEAKED: TLP Saturday Trip W/ CALLING

    This is actually awful banter I dont know how so many people find this funny lmfao
  5. 97

    grats yamz!
  6. M69

  7. Clan vs Clan

    CT Havoc and Tribulation (both in their prime) matched p2p prep
  8. Clan vs Clan

    fatality tlp vs mm matched f2p prep 1 def dung/cor on
  9. We're Back

    welcome back
  10. [CT]Borzor

    Ok then?
  11. Member quality matters way more than calling imo so why not ^.^