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  1. Youtube banner

    yeah man its under a different topic on this forums acc
  2. Youtube banner

    Youtube banner i made for @DarKyWarKy hope you like it bud. Opinions would be good too xd If anyone wants work doing pm me on discord @jakeBrit / animosity
  3. Gfx

    Just a thread for me doing gfx again like i did before. I managed to salvage some old work from my old forums account here. If anyone wants anything doing shoot me a pm either ingame @ Igx. will be using that name for now as its my main and will be making money on there. If you want something doing get back to me with: What style you want ( 2d clean / 3d clean / 2d detailed / 3d detailed ) What you want the text to say. Specific images / sig based idea you want. Ive made Sigs for Fatality before, other past clans, Old Cod teams when i played and Sigs for friends who play league / other games. As stated get back to me and we can sort a price / other means out. Past work i have got. Lost alot from when i got rid of my old PC. I make Youtube banners / Forum Sigs / Avatars. The white borders are just gyazo, thread was kinda rushed.