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  1. Waspy


    Welcome my dude glad we got this sorted haha hopefully see your application soon!
  2. Waspy

    Iv'e Made it boys

    thats just that one tab, theres another 100mish in returrns on my other tab
  3. Waspy

    Iv'e Made it boys

    been my goal in runey forever to have a 1b bank and here it is
  4. these high cbs make me want to train prayer and attack
  5. Waspy

    zBeyond Intro

    Welcome bros
  6. Waspy

    no food no worrys RIP m8

  7. Waspy

    no food no worrys RIP m8

    @Voke ty bruh
  8. Waspy

    no food no worrys RIP m8

    fucks me cant even get it to work
  9. Waspy

    no food no worrys RIP m8

    sec im fixing haha wrong link
  10. Waspy

    no food no worrys RIP m8
  11. Waspy

    Big Yikes Man gets 94 Fist Skill

    gratz mate
  12. Waspy

    NightShift inners

    First ever time recording or tryna make a video lads just fking around and idk why i'm so far zoomed out too many drinks I thnk hahah Ez 4v5 tho
  13. Waspy

    up-and-coming artist