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  1. Xx K4rils xX

    Bye Misfits

    ez clear
  2. Xx K4rils xX

    93 STR

  3. Xx K4rils xX

    Pure bullying on my med

    Epic 5/5
  4. Xx K4rils xX


  5. Xx K4rils xX

    So many epic games coming out FFS

    Gona need a loan
  6. Xx K4rils xX

    Misfits Memes

    @Couck reaction When we Gwas Misfits
  7. Xx K4rils xX

    Greetings earthlings

    hey mate welcome back
  8. I miss like 1 p2p trip and niggas take my supreme elder sad. I see how it isssss

    1. Prep Unit

      Prep Unit

      Damn that’s sad @XGRX free the elders 

    2. mashy
  9. Xx K4rils xX

    LEe's irl LMFAo s M O k E D

  10. Xx K4rils xX


    @Lee @Jons @Bday @Magic @Conway
  11.  Really nigga I hope your Evo blows up again 

  12. Xx K4rils xX

    Post your best rap lines below...

    yo They call him henry the magic man hes known for his shitty mic and chicken soda but we out here makin green soda Yea I said green soda we making them out of killn them fake green hats in world 69 they call em squaaaad but sempi fi we the real squuaaaaad
  13. Xx K4rils xX

    Bike Lovers?

    Dam sounds nice. I would love me a matte black bike.
  14. Xx K4rils xX

    Bike Lovers?

    Sick man What did you start off with? ?