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    yh man, 100M for sure
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    Next goal is 100M
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    @Couck im loyal af boi, don't underrate me (69 post count)
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    So the goal for me was to get 69M in OSRS as a pure. I have to say that i earned it myself so not bought online or whatever, ALL is made IN-Game I decided to get it when i began the game a few years ago, i always wanted a big cash stack as anyone wants. When i hit the 10M after half a year i was happy with the Green M ofcourse But the rich guys want even more money, thats a fact. I am on almost 67 Million at the moment, so i'm almost there boys hellyeah -RAVE ON
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    ags achieved!#
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    [NEW] Ghostly Robes ! Guide

    GHOSTLY ROBES Welcome to this easy guide made by Rave There was a new update released not that long ago where you can get all parts of the Ghostly Robes by speaking to 1 Ghost. If you completed the Miniquest 'Curse of the Empty Lord' and you still remember your Route (1 out a 3) you can use all the ghosts on your route to get the robe parts I will recommend using the Ghost in Port Sarim who is the fastest one as far as i know. You basically go to Pest Control and take the boat at the North The 2 items you will need when talking to one of the ghosts are 1. Ring of Visibility and 2. Ghostspeak Amulet If you lost your Ring of Visibility, you can get a new one by a guy named Rasolo ↓ If you lost your Ghostspeak Amulet, you can get a new one right here ↓ The screen will look like this when talking to a Ghost ↓ (you can get up to 29 items during a trip of ghostly robes, 28 in inventory 1 equiped) What if you don't remember your route anymore ?! Here is a quick look at all the routes and locations. Route 1 Rennard can be found near the shipwrecked ship between the Wilderness Agility Course and Pirates' Hideout in level 52 Wilderness Kharrim can be found at the Chaos Temple altar in Level 38 Wilderness Lennissa can be found at the church on Entrana Dhalak can be found at the Wizards' Tower ground floor Viggora can be found upstairs at the Rogues' Castle in level 52-56 Wilderness Route 2 Rennard can be found at the Bandit Camp (Wilderness) Kharrim can be found at the Graveyard of Shadows Lennissa can be found at the Port Sarim docks at the Pest Control boat Dhalak can be found at the Edgeville Monastery, upstairs by the altar Viggora can be found at the Slayer Tower in Canifis, on the 1st floor near the southeast stairwell by the entrance to the Infernal Mages Route 3 Rennard can be found in the Bandit Camp (Kharidian Desert) in the bar on the western side of the camp Kharrim can be found at the end of the Lava Maze inside the second fenced in area Lennissa can be found at the Tree Gnome Stronghold, just outside the Gnome Ball Field on the southern side Dhalak can be found at the Falador Party Room, upstairs on the eastern side Viggora can be found in the Edgeville Dungeon near the earth warriors in the northern most room ▲ GOODLUCK WITH YOUR RETURNING ROBES BOYS ▼
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    Thats the grind mate
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