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  1. Elder maul to G Maul is to OP

    First big smite =) Not too shabby
  2. Absolutely demolished boys
  3. Art_Vandelay

    Welcome man! Hope to see you around
  4. Crusher intro

    Welcome Brother. I love single pking so hope to have you tag along
  5. Cluel3ss

    Welcome Brother
  6. Ex officer Truffel from SF signing up for duty

    Welcome Brother
  7. 99 Farmtality <3

    GRATS @Dimitri
  8. @Elve Ya brother I use Exilent. Was too high to remember to take pics haha
  9. Forgot to take pics of the rest.. tons more
  10. P2P Pk Trip 3/12

  11. Deemz Intro

    Yes TICK!!! =)