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    running around runescape yelling "reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee"
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  1. DT Done

    congrats dude, keep it up!
  2. Y2K IS COMING!!!!

    congratz dude!
  3. 1 mo

    hell yeah brother, i respect that!
  4. P2P Pk Trip 3/12

    nice boys! keep it up
  5. Inactive

    Didn’t know where to post but going to be inactive all weekend and monday next week, thought i might just let everyone know
  6. Goals

    I respect that
  7. The big 80

  8. Goals

    Hey guys, im new here but i thought i might post some goals of mine! -get 99 magic currently level 85 -get 99 range currently level 90 -also eventually get 2k total more of a long term goal -get cw gear ( halo, mage hat, mage top) - achieve 1000 kills in the wilderness currently at 211 - get a 500m bank currently at 49m - get best inslots for prep gear Will post update photos as time goes by,and thanks to everyone for being so welcoming