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  1. UhhMerica

    Full Quest List for a Pure

    He posted just a list of quests, mine would be a detailed list containing info about it not just the quest name
  2. UhhMerica

    Full Quest List for a Pure

    Mine would be more detailed rather than just a list
  3. UhhMerica


    Gz brother
  4. UhhMerica

    Full Quest List for a Pure

    I haven't and I started a list about 2 or 3 weeks ago when I was making a new account so I thought about finishing it
  5. UhhMerica

    Worst Streamer

    Lol nice
  6. UhhMerica

    Full Quest List for a Pure

    How many of you would be interested in a google doc or something like that of a list of all the pure quests possible. The list would contain items required quests required rewards and notes etc. I started to make one and stopped, but if enough people were interested I would be more than happy to finish it.
  7. UhhMerica

    Worst Streamer

    Worst Streamer
  8. UhhMerica

    Soooo this accidentally happened today.

    380 xp oh im good for another burst *392xp* shit......
  9. UhhMerica

    Well, this was unexpected.

    Gz brother
  10. UhhMerica

    Rip Jugulars

    Welcome brother
  11. UhhMerica

    Keybatsfire Intro

    Revan big recruiter welcome brother
  12. 17 new recruits on my friends list, getting them all on discord and intro'd and app'd ❤️

    1. Phi


      Yo that's insane bro!

    2. Dimitri


      17, damn you truly are the recruiting god