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    edit videos ,hang out, 420, old school runescape ,the fam and PK
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  1. Savage Olm

    Ello Fam..

    Thanks that i can join ! i real love the clan and i enjoy it! I only got few weeks rs break atm.. Busy with my internship and lost bit a lot of money in rs l0l. But i won't quit i will be back soon. Maybe ppl already notice it .. ;p love ya all
  2. Savage Olm

    Pk Clips

    niceeee man
  3. Savage Olm


    Gz my man! ;p
  4. Savage Olm


    the grind is done lets go PK !
  5. Savage Olm

    Smoke Weed Everyday

    GZ dude and 420 main reason to join fatality because its green and stinky
  6. Savage Olm


    yeah boys today 90 range !
  7. Savage Olm

    The Road to Riches!

  8. Savage Olm

    Got all 3 imbued capes

    nice my man, Gz
  9. Savage Olm


    @Nty Life go for it bro ! its really afk ;p
  10. Savage Olm


    7 feb 2k18 16 feb 2k18 Hello FAM, Maybe someone saw a topic of me maybe not. But im NEW and i got some goals. First goal is to join your guys so i need 90 str 8-11feb This week goal is to get 86/90 str i had 80 str when i place my App. My str is now 81 and halfway 82 i will keep updating this topic so you guys can see the process with some screenshots and shit 12-18feb Next week goal is 90 rang and 90 str NOT sure if i can get 90 str in time but 90 range will be easy because that 40k off 88 already. yeah boys, i got 90 range and 90 str now! its now 16feb so i did 3 days before i plan ! But hell yeah im ready to pk boys add me and lets pk some n00bs! And yeh maingoal is to be beter at NOHONOR PK so place u rsn in chat and add me on osrs and i will add you so we can learn, Greetz, Savage Olm thursday 8 Feb 2k18 Sunday 11 Feb 2k18 Wednesday midnight 14 - feb 2k18 Friday 16feb 2k18
  11. Savage Olm

    AGS PK - Rev Caves

    haha b0000nk made
  12. Savage Olm

    Spirit Tree & Max House btw

    dammn darky good tings ;p
  13. Savage Olm

    Couck's GFX shop

    i want 3 l000l
  14. Savage Olm

    Savage goals

    yeahhh this week goal done
  15. Savage Olm


    @xgrx yeah xD i was with friends i was like BROS i gonna make rsmv of lil pump leggggoooo ;p