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  1. Pingfao / Mythicwolf T honorable mentions: (Rino / Cam) ecks dee
  2. Comparison of Legend/Elders

    Legends cleared
  3. @Couck ur my favorite something
  4. Fatality vs. The World

    Was pretty good, 4 kills for my first trip back @Kenny
  5. another drop at bandos

    I like this content
  6. Hello

    Heyy @bl00d`
  7. What the actual fuck. V2

    15 years of playing this shitter game, still no visages...
  8. iron boy gainz

    @jons u get 1.2m from 99 fm, and probably 15m from knights if you have rogues outfit so 16.2M bc i know u cant do math
  9. Hacked </3

    @Bindz who does this kind of thing? did you know him irl? wdf... I can see taking items but taking the time to get 30 Def??? thats personal
  10. Tbh, im kinda in love with @Crabs I think @Tyrone needs 2 stop playing pokemon and play rs @Kenny is too much for me to handle. I often wonder if @CnG will ever come back Ironman BTW
  11. HArro

    my dude wb stigi1bang
  12. wuu2

    thats my dad btw
  13. About Time

    I like this content
  14. Gips

  15. With the influx of people starting new accounts and complaining about the skilling required for gloves/dt I put together a guide of how I'd skill for these reqs. These methods are pretty much the fastest in game with a few exceptions that take too much effort for what they give. <SKILL>(<Min Level Needed For Pure Quests>) Level-Level <method>(<# of item to buy IF buyable skill>) Cooking (41): 1-15 Shrimp(150) 15-25 Trout(150) 25-35 Salmon(250) 35-41 Tuna(750) Crafting (35): 1-2 Sheep Shearer 2-4 Goblin Diplomacy 4-8 Misthalin Mystery 8-12 Dwarf Cannon 12-16 Murder Mystery 16-20 Unstrung Holy Symbol(34) 20-21 The Golem 21-27 Cutting Sapphire(95) 27-34 Cutting Emerald(157) 34-35 Cutting Ruby(26) Firemaking (50): 1-15 Logs(61) 15-30 Oaks(183) 30-35 Willows(101) 35-45 Teaks(373) 45-50 Maples(295) Fletching (10): 1-10 Bronze Arrows(885) Fishing (10): 1-24 Sea Slug Quest Herblore (10): 1-3 Druidic Ritual 3-10 Attack potions(40) Mining (10): 1-15 Dorics Quest Thieving (53): 1-25 Tourist Trap Quest use both lamps on thieving. 25-30 Fruit Stall in Zeah requires 15% Hosidius Favour (0-5% Ploughing, 5-15% 200 compost+saltpetre) 30-37 The Feud Quest 37-53 Fruit Stall in Zeah Smithing (20): 1-29 Knights Sword Quest Woodcutting (36): 1-13 Monks Friend Quest 13-15 Logs 15-30 Oaks 30-35 Willows 35-36 Teaks near Castlewars
  16. Thoughts?

    w8 faux was best? dafuq that guy sucks at pray flicking/pvm compared to that line up
  17. They will learn

    50k? I'll pay you 55k to never log in again, disgraceful.
  18. looks ass, thing on bottom is terrible
  19. not this dude again

  20. Who will be the first one..

    it will be @HELLA lets be honest....
  21. Join Me

    get 5 def and maxed 75 att pls then get the b00t