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  1. Pingfao / Mythicwolf T honorable mentions: (Rino / Cam) ecks dee
  2. Comparison of Legend/Elders

    Legends cleared
  3. @Couck ur my favorite something
  4. Fatality vs. The World

    Was pretty good, 4 kills for my first trip back @Kenny
  5. another drop at bandos

    I like this content
  6. Hello

    Heyy @bl00d`
  7. What the actual fuck. V2

    15 years of playing this shitter game, still no visages...
  8. iron boy gainz

    @jons u get 1.2m from 99 fm, and probably 15m from knights if you have rogues outfit so 16.2M bc i know u cant do math
  9. Hacked </3

    @Bindz who does this kind of thing? did you know him irl? wdf... I can see taking items but taking the time to get 30 Def??? thats personal
  10. Tbh, im kinda in love with @Crabs I think @Tyrone needs 2 stop playing pokemon and play rs @Kenny is too much for me to handle. I often wonder if @CnG will ever come back Ironman BTW
  11. wuu2

    thats my dad btw
  12. About Time

    I like this content