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  1. PhD

    1/3 @ 28KC

    28 KC Elder Robe Bottoms on the UIM
  2. PhD


    a friend of Chris oxo is a friend of mine
  3. PhD


    @Jaya When I was your age, we didnt even have team capes. We used a green cape. lmk if u want more grandson
  4. PhD


    Reporting for my annual check in
  5. im back im cute im an ironb0y

  6. Pingfao / Mythicwolf T honorable mentions: (Rino / Cam) ecks dee
  7. PhD

    Comparison of Legend/Elders

    Legends cleared
  8. @Couck ur my favorite something
  9. PhD

    Fatality vs. The World

    Was pretty good, 4 kills for my first trip back @Kenny
  10. PhD

    another drop at bandos

    I like this content