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  1. PhD

    1 Def or 20 Def? Let's debate.

    1 Def in the current state of OSRS, If turmoil+agile armor releases then 35 def. 20 def is outdated and useless
  2. PhD

    13 Years? im old

    I. Who introduced you to Fatality? Hello family, its me PhD I've been in Fatality for 10 years already! I joined May 3rd 2009 and I've seen this clan throughout its highs and lows. I have to say seeing this clan still performing at a high level brings back the joys I had when I was a youngster, a fresh faced Minty rank (if you know what this is you the real MVP). Here are some of my favorite memories in my time: Even though a lot of my friends from my time in FI are gone, lots are still here active. I was there when Fatality was pulling 12 to weekend trips, I was there when Fatality was pulling 85+ steel titans with worlds that lagged every 2 steps. I was there on the steps of our clan citadel when EOC hit and we thought RS was dead forever. I was there when we started anew on OSRS Where will you be in Fatality's history? - PhD 2009-current
  3. PhD

    1/3 @ 28KC

    28 KC Elder Robe Bottoms on the UIM
  4. PhD


    a friend of Chris oxo is a friend of mine
  5. PhD


    @Jaya When I was your age, we didnt even have team capes. We used a green cape. lmk if u want more grandson
  6. PhD


    Reporting for my annual check in
  7. im back im cute im an ironb0y

  8. Pingfao / Mythicwolf T honorable mentions: (Rino / Cam) ecks dee
  9. PhD

    Comparison of Legend/Elders

    Legends cleared