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    smashing that training, making us lazy folk look bad
  2. Farmtality btw

  3. Guthix

  4. Fatality GFX.

    Damn, those look awesome.
  5. Pk Brideo

    That Barrage kill lmao
  6. Petality

  7. Barrows :p

    Barrows for fun not for money
  8. Barrows :p

    sounds like fun, maybe i'll do barrows later
  9. Main gains

    Congratz Man!
  10. 99 & pet

    getting close to that max cape
  11. Looting Bag Guide

    I kill the bandits in Edgeville dungeon I normally get it very quickly
  12. Idk how to computer but heres a 6kc chaos ele

    Congratz, the screenshot is 10/10

    I have a feeling that the Scythe will be new Bis for training since it can hit 3 things at once, like maybe use it where you chin / barrage and it might be best xp/hr with that Rapier sounds bae but lets be real it's going to be stupid expensive.
  14. Fatality dominates rev caves smiting 8m+

    Shit was so fun we gotta do it again soon