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  1. Guthix

    i actually watched this the other day! tbt
  2. respek

    congrats bro! also nice cash stack
  3. Dont mess with Hilda

    wow nice fucking loot!
  4. Tay K New Banger

    love this!
  5. 1337

    what the actual fuck bro.. those skills are INSANE
  6. beaver #2

    give me one please!!! <3
  7. Gimme those nechs

    very nice ironman bro! wtf. gratz btw
  8. wtf!! there is a mod in the clan?? sickk!
  9. Maxed Account #439085039

    nice just missing that hp man
  10. Account #2

    very nice gains man! you should just sell the extra account and keep doing it for gp lmao. How are you even doing it? splashing while afking the whole way or alching?
  11. Marwan spitting some fire

    he is definitely sipping 40s. nigga sounds drunk as fuck
  12. Inners KO/Tank :D

    Hey guys so I have been coming to a few inners and minis now and I am starting to get the hang of things. I recently started recording and will continue for the future, but this is my first video . It's just one round of inners, but I did a beast KO then a nice tank and wanted to share.. I spoke to XGRX about improving and he said to watch out where I am standing and where it will lead me when I click a target to hit him. ALSO, if somebody uses iMovie for editing, I was wondering how I could manage to capture the entire Runescape screen because some of it got cut off (if that's even possible).
  13. this why i hate anime

    LMFAO! wait till their tiny dicks get squashed from too much "pressure" xD
  14. congratz Davey

    WHAT THE FUCK.... how big was the split?
  15. proud of this 1

    Daily Gains! good shit.