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  1. 99 bow thing

    almost there dude!! keep at it
  2. tsenif

    welcome bro!
  3. Tundro's Pure Progress

    hell yeah bro! keep it up
  4. One down one to go.

    nice!!! keep at it bro. just one more
  5. Guarding edgeville forever (deadmanmode btw)

    that account is insane for dmm
  6. When you found out that your co-worker plays rs

    thats awesome lol
  7. Maxed

    nice one bro! now just missing that hp
  8. Main gain btw

    grats man. pretty close to max now
  9. wtf an otter intro

    welcome dude! good seeing you around
  10. Hola

    welcome bro, better get to training
  11. S0 lm G00D Introduction

    welcome man!
  12. ya boi just changed the game MATE

    grats on 75 bro! nice stats btw
  13. 12 Years Strong!

    favorite memory: when @Stigi had a #HOOKGANG 1v1 vs. @Jons and won it for the crew in some crazy inners.
  14. [Part 2] Spring Promotions 2018

    Gratz everyone!
  15. Big Total Gains

    dude your stats are beast!