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  1. honestly dont think id ever use this
  2. scuffed picture but was panicking LOL

    gratz. i got this pet a few days ago and my friend had to suicide for me cuz a pker almost killed me
  3. Rsmobile beta invite

    i am indeed not the chosen one
  4. Bossing

    im always down to do some pvm. hit me up sometime.
  5. Pk vid

    nice vid homie
  6. ye fuck off

  7. big ass rat taking a shower

    rats gotta stay fly too. my dude looks like he getting ready for a date
  8. #HARPOONGANG whale farming (pvm edition)

    oh shit nice lootations
  9. Netflix help

    out of shows to watch. finding new shows/movies is such a grind. gimimie some recommendations!!
  10. btw

    hell yeah big gratz keep training
  11. Max Bank Achieved

    oh snappers gratz
  12. Structure Augmentation!

    dont know any of you a whole lot but gratz to each of you!
  13. Sunday - 60 Green Men Gwas Clans.

    Gz big green men fun trip
  14. big fisher

    big gratz you're almost there!!
  15. 1k Smiles

    look at him go