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  1. Farmtality btw

    GZ man!!
  2. Hell yeah ! =) I guess im going to vote you for the best videos.. fuck you @DarKyWarKy Lee is my boy
  3. 3/21 PK TRIP

    #nightshift =) fun as always! extra profit is always nice with dem boiis
  4. Twitter Fingers

    skiller nerd! Huge gains man! GZ
  5. respek

    Nice man!! Gz!! I like your name too
  6. Email from Bill Gates

    Damn mate... Bill Is my homie
  7. Gimme those nechs

    Time to get huge xps
  8. beaver #2

    Nice man! Take good care of it
  9. 1337

    Thats huge man.. 80 agi??? You ok ? gz big dog!
  10. Everything

    Da fuck is apple music .. ? Murica only things v_v
  11. Advocate the Skiller

    Big skiller ! when is the 99 party ?
  12. Everything

    Decent tune ! Link me your playlist fgt @DarKyWarKy
  13. Barrows :p

    Yeah it does but i was kinda bored and i wanted to do something :/
  14. Barrows :p

    Scammer... Shaking my smh