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  1. Dashyyy


    Glad to see your joining bro
  2. For the people that don't know, if you log onto mobile using a f2p account, you can open the store in game and get 1 week free trial. Make sure to cancel it before the week ends else you'll get charged. Free membership for our scouts 👍
  3. Dashyyy

    80 =D

    Your a better man than me, i had to pay someone to do it, fuck those clicks
  4. Dashyyy

    "Don't wake and bake"

    Big loots, as if he had the cheek to ask for it back afterwards l0l
  5. Easy win for the boys in green MF retard 2 spec'd
  6. Big win in Fatalitys Caves. Ty for split
  7. Lmfao countdown until they close
  8. Another pk trip for MF ended by Fatality
  9. Dashyyy

    First decent smite on an FI trip

    Your second trip since leaving those MF retards and your already making bank
  10. Dashyyy

    Australian Team

    Kanicus is so shit lmao it took the guy over a year to pass a tank test in MF
  11. Dashyyy

    Daily Osrs Question #3

    Pking at some different locs is always fun (lavas, venny, callisto, luring+smiting targets in BH worlds)