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  1. Killa isn’t returning why are you @ legacy 

  2. Single Strip

    p a p a j

    welcome to the forums lad hop on ts and meet a few of the boys
  3. Single Strip

    Remo's intro

    welcome to the forums
  4. Single Strip


    Yo Danny soon brother wallahi intu won’t be the last 🧐
  5. Single Strip


    Hello dezi
  6. Single Strip


    What’s up man
  7. Single Strip

    porter intro

  8. Single Strip


    Welcome to our forums man app up!
  9. Single Strip

    Mb1911 intro

    Welcome to the forums man
  10. Single Strip

    Promos Part 2

    Grats boys well deserved
  11. Preps this week be on 

  12. Single Strip

    Post your all time KDR.

    @Fi lucifer throwback to ir monka S l0l
  13. Single Strip

    Purefect Introooo

    Welcome bro hope to see you join up
  14. Single Strip

    Sunday Slaughter

    Nice vid
  15. Single Strip

    another 60