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  1. Jamie_


  2. Jamie_

    Loot pic

    for some reason picture didn't work, and wont let me upload from desktop lol
  3. Jamie_

    Loot pic

    So I was at pest control just cracking on getting void on my med, some 108 called me out randomly for a 100m risk fight so we went to world 37 gets around 100m risk, he does the same. So I eventually KO him, and loot pile is less then 25m, RuneScape community is the best https://i.gyazo.com/52be1333600aef40e2a4e78a4a569f24.png
  4. Jamie_

    Clear it Intro

    welcome buddy
  5. Jamie_

    Hit 3k KC zulrah on my main

    That's alota work fuck zulrah
  6. Jamie_

    First attempt

    Going to clear out my clips and try get some really good ones now
  7. Jamie_

    First attempt

    I droped it, I got loads of gp:)
  8. Jamie_

    First attempt

    Personal preference on music and it wont get copy righted
  9. Jamie_

    First attempt

    I posted the Gif u twat, and nobody cares it was banter
  10. Jamie_

    First attempt

    Just getting back into single pking after a very long break,
  11. Jamie_


    yo brudda