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  1. Loot pic

    for some reason picture didn't work, and wont let me upload from desktop lol
  2. Loot pic

    So I was at pest control just cracking on getting void on my med, some 108 called me out randomly for a 100m risk fight so we went to world 37 gets around 100m risk, he does the same. So I eventually KO him, and loot pile is less then 25m, RuneScape community is the best
  3. Hit 3k KC zulrah on my main

    That's alota work fuck zulrah
  4. First attempt

    Going to clear out my clips and try get some really good ones now
  5. First attempt

    I droped it, I got loads of gp:)
  6. First attempt

    Personal preference on music and it wont get copy righted
  7. First attempt

    I posted the Gif u twat, and nobody cares it was banter
  8. First attempt

    Just getting back into single pking after a very long break,
  9. Another one done

  10. fuck con