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  1. When you accidentally barrage your clan

    You're meant to put it in the little plastic tube to fire from your hand LOL
  2. 5k

    Some of you pures are sweaty AF
  3. The road to TITAN

    GL on journey
  4. @Hilda

    Insane kc
  5. why was runescape so awesome

    Runescape used to be so sick
  6. Tonight

    Sounds gay
  7. new project :D

    nice when pure clanning wasnt 1 def, i used to have a 60 atk 20 def, was fun tbh
  8. nmz train

    getting bouff
  9. another one

    Sick bet you wish it was pet!
  10. God bless me :)

    I never get any good pvm drops Gz brudda
  11. headshot

    Range is sick in nmz
  12. obtaining mass

    Getting there