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  1. i no ir0nman

    85 Str

    congrats dude!
  2. i no ir0nman

    2 Kills 1 Sq #dirty

    told you vice.. ags is where its at against mains lmao
  3. i no ir0nman

    1 of 3 level 98 rigo

    only 98 because I wanna sort hp cape before a 99 combat skill
  4. i no ir0nman

    someone drop a fucking scim

    :D:D dude if u maxing with 60 att u can get 59 prayer without a cb level, max at 83 cb whether your 52/59 60 is 84 cb 59 prayer is like 83.93cb lol
  5. i no ir0nman

    99 mage 2 more

    gratz brooo keep up the work
  6. i no ir0nman

    ironman progress

    ironman btw rune boot unlock
  7. i no ir0nman

    Back from a long break

    Yeah I’ll be in discord when I’m active etc, going to get some help grinding some nmz too to I can power through it when I’m at work etc.. applying again is no issue! If anyone still does nmz training you’ll have to tag them and I’ll pm in discord or something! If you know the hoe, I’ve got the doe
  8. i no ir0nman

    Back from a long break

    So I’ve had a break for a while from rs, I’m back and my maxed pure has been turned to a zerk, so I’m back creating a new pure and see what’s changed the past few months I’ve been gone.. going to have to re apply etc I assume?
  9. i no ir0nman

    Duo raids on my pure

  10. 5min tber unit we out hea

    1. i no ir0nman

      i no ir0nman

      12 hours ago what was this??

  11. i no ir0nman

    Raids Drops

    600k from 99 range boys then I’ll be joining on these raids ? got 100+ raid Jc on my main, so I get the jist
  12. i no ir0nman

    incoming rng #2

    Rng is lit on this ironman boys! 9 kills 1/512 drop!
  13. i no ir0nman

    ironman progresssssssss

    Boys the rng on this ironman is fucking incredible! First ever left half on any account ive ever owned
  14. i no ir0nman

    going for max!

    Thanks bud!
  15. i no ir0nman

    going for max!

    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~FatalIty~~~~~~~~~~~~ Ok thought id start a topic about it bc i dont want people thinking im dipping out of pk trips etc, but im putting all my time into trying to max now! I still will attend inners/preps when im on but think for now unless we massing up im going to stay away from pking for a bit! Lets get this grind over so i can start doing a bit more dps! This will be me for the next couple of weeks! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~FatalIty~~~~~~~~~~~~