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  1. i no ir0nman

    NH Unicorn progress

    @NH Sugoi yes mate, I’m almost 87 slayer on the Ironman so plenty of time to afk skills on the pure when I unlock trident and everything that comes with it
  2. i no ir0nman

    NH Unicorn progress

    yeah man ill finish all 3 to 99, I wanted base 8's for 99 hp cape but scrapped that so ill continue str to 99 then finish range/mage off
  3. i no ir0nman

    NH Unicorn progress

    We closing in... So basically what I decided is I'm closing in on 98's in all 3 skills now.. I was going to grind for untrimmed HP cape however, this will only take more time and not be fun grinding hours of organised crime. 99 HP will come in time. So as soon as I'm 98 strength I have the halo and decorative top to knock out and the account is loaded and ready to be heavily active for pk trips and all sorts of events! Lets get it!
  4. Best thing is mf fags came to talk shit at premass.. and once again get stomped 😂 btw I’m not a bearded green man! I’m shaven.. just so you know.. #silkysmooth #strongjawline
  5. i no ir0nman

    Thursday - Big Fatty PK Loots.

    Standard mf cleared with light ballista loot 😂 dumb girls nice job fellas
  6. i no ir0nman

    2/3 3rd in progress

    98 range and mage so far, strength is on the way! #rank1runecrafting #rank1construction #rank1hunter #number1skiller
  7. i no ir0nman

    Fatality hits GDZ, REVS + everywhere else

    missing my 3 rev cave loots too didn't clip
  8. i no ir0nman

    Level 94 Harry potter

    Your a wizard unicorn
  9. i no ir0nman

    NH Unicorn progress

    Info on how and why im training as I am: Range/mage to 98 first, followed by 98 Strength, after 75 Attack. Reasoning is, I aint joining fi to be dead weight for 2 weeks with bare minimum requirements, its 99's or nothing boys! Also currently only going for 98's as untrimmed HP cape is FIT! See you at max boys! #STAYGREEN
  10. i no ir0nman

    85 Str

    congrats dude!
  11. i no ir0nman

    2 Kills 1 Sq #dirty

    told you vice.. ags is where its at against mains lmao
  12. i no ir0nman

    1 of 3 level 98 rigo

    only 98 because I wanna sort hp cape before a 99 combat skill
  13. i no ir0nman

    someone drop a fucking scim

    :D:D dude if u maxing with 60 att u can get 59 prayer without a cb level, max at 83 cb whether your 52/59 60 is 84 cb 59 prayer is like 83.93cb lol
  14. i no ir0nman

    99 mage 2 more

    gratz brooo keep up the work