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  1. ironman progresssssssss

    Boys the rng on this ironman is fucking incredible! First ever left half on any account ive ever owned
  2. going for max!

    Thanks bud!
  3. going for max!

    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~FatalIty~~~~~~~~~~~~ Ok thought id start a topic about it bc i dont want people thinking im dipping out of pk trips etc, but im putting all my time into trying to max now! I still will attend inners/preps when im on but think for now unless we massing up im going to stay away from pking for a bit! Lets get this grind over so i can start doing a bit more dps! This will be me for the next couple of weeks! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~FatalIty~~~~~~~~~~~~
  4. Just thought I’d bring to light the gains made today massing against misfits! Did anyone get higher?! #10manclump #betterxpthanmm2tunnels
  5. Entry requirements achieved!

    Finally hit base requirements for entry of FATALITY time to maxxxxx!!!
  6. 12/20 PK Trip Noob clans + Dclaws

    man had 1k blitz runes too b0nk
  7. 90 Range achieved boys! 4 more strength levels then i have the requirements to join the ELITE
  8. Chaos elemental pet achieved, 291 kc! 1/6 pets! Ps close to 90 range and achieved my 94 mage goal!
  9. The gainz... :D

    bro what site tells you the gains? Edit: nvm crystalmethlabs, didn't realize this was a thing, wish i kept track of my progress this month!
  10. KBD PET!!!!

    So jealous! [img/]https://imgur.com/gallery/FpkhT [/img]
  11. Client size fixed/resizable

    Yeah I can still zoom in and out in game, just the actual client size is like 3/4 the size of an iphone on a 17" screen haha
  12. This is getting too easy.

    Gratz bud! have you tried the shayzien method? apparently you can get 130k/h in whatever skill your trying to train. Good luck with the last 2 levels tho
  13. Client size fixed/resizable

    Alright guys, so I've been playing around a while with my new laptop, and I usually play in resizable mode with a full screen, however pking is so much easier in fixed as everything is more compact. The issue I have right now is when I play in fixed, the default size is tiny, if I enlarge it, the client goes super pixelated. I've been browsing and apparently windows magnifier help with this.. I haven't tried yet. just seeing if anyone else has any kind of recommendations. I use OSbuddy because conduit, runeloader and the official client done seem to load on my laptop, all come up with errors with game pack/connecting to rs etc. Resizable is great for chilling as I can see more of what's going on around me but the UI is small so precise clicking is harder than it should be. and by the client size being tiny, to put this into perspective for you, the default size is roughly 10cmx10cm (4''x4'') with all graphics looking smooth. I make it bigger and Im basically playing minecraft I'm playing on Alienware R17 R4 - 17'' screen 1080p 4k ready, windows 10 etc if this helps