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  1. prod and stuff

    Interesting you've decided to come Trust The Process prod, but why the sudden change of heart?
  2. Potent

    Was a cwa team
  3. Potent

    @Jons @Lee @Marwan @Matt_ @Stigi @Roman @Anqi @Light Mayhem @Mash @X jen selter if you guys want the ending sig made by @Izad Small - Big
  4. Can’t lie this the best xxl cypher we’ve ever witnessed. 3 lyricist in one cypher😩 as soon as I started listening to this symphonic, Masterful cypher I can already feel my quality of life multiplying. The energy and lyrics that these 3 artist delivered were simply beautiful. For example when arguably the best rapper in this generation Liliard Pumpernickel stated this gem of wisdom “my body dripping in louie I mixed it up with Gucci” I understood that I was getting a perfect glimpse of his perfect mazed mind. Please teach philosophy in Harvard as you can help many with their existential dilemmas. As I finish writing this comment with tears striking down my face lil pump if you see this one day... Thank You.

  5. Izad's Graphics

    I need an ending signature for my team how much .
  6. Former Misfits member speaks out!

    Thank you for the pokemon gameplay in the background Couck
  7. Hello from BiggyMaulz

    hello brother
  8. 1/3000 drop at zulrah. Gg pet :(

    @Ranqe 1 pets are on a different drop table
  9. Yo

    Hi tho