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  1. 'mark

    Daily Osrs Question #4

    i was hoping someone would quite me a line of the songs lyric and we could start quoting each other the entire song for free post count.
  2. 'mark

    Hello everyone!

    Eyo man welcome to the family! Hope to see you around discord/forums -- we got a pretty nice community here so just make sure to get yourself involved.
  3. 'mark


    big afk gains
  4. 'mark

    Daily Osrs Question #4

    i joined because of the black community oh and also because every clan I was ever in closed and I was looking for a strong, consistent community. finally I was also a huge Fi fanboy back in pre-eoc(Lil Tom I'd legit suck your dick irl no homo). Fatality introduced me to the clanning scene back when DP was around and I figured this is where I'd always like to have my permanent home.
  5. 'mark

    Osrs Daily Question #2

    mage cuz magers win fights.
  6. 'mark

    99 Magic

    big gz harry
  7. 'mark

    Intro Ashen Pure

    Welcome my man. Get yourself embedded within the community by chilling on discord/cc and being active on forums. Looking forward to seeing you at some events in the future.
  9. selling gp


  10. 'mark

    Kenny's Ten Commandments

    That's my jew leader.