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  1. Selling gold 1.00/mil

    Would any time past 4-5 PM GMT be good for you? 2 PM GMT is 6 AM for me, and I don't think I could wake up that early atm.
  2. Selling gold 1.00/mil

    Prolly like 100m~ish. I'd be willing to drop down to like .9 on that for trust-able Fi peeps.
  3. Selling gold 1.00/mil

    Wtf you think I'm leaving you hotties? I'm inseparable from @Lee I just need some cash atm while I struggle to survive this semester, but I'll be back and active this summer (and hopefully shouldn't need to take anymore breaks after that -- sometimes irl sucks yo.).
  4. Couck on his nights out

    I quit that game after I accidentally killed my first shiny gastly.
  5. Selling gold 1.00/mil

    Hit me up on Discord ~ Mark / Lil Sly Willing to apply some discounts to Fi peeps for bulk purchases.
  6. gz now go big or go home
  7. 2018 Promotions

    So proud of u lee u bring a tear 2 my eye. Congrats to everyone! Ya'll have put in work and these promo's are well deserved.

    gonna do tick manipulation?
  9. First in Fatality, yeet.

    did you play with santa's bulging sack?
  10. Need help with laptop

    what's your budget?
  11. Thrusting the process

    just 1 more to go
  12. 4 hours of work

    Had a fun time getting my cape with you. I got killed by a lv 70 in red d'hide and a bone crossbow right before I killed my demon, accidentally skulled with 10m on a non +1 world, and spent like 2 deaths not doing any damage because I was using the wrong god spell. 10/10 would cape again
  13. Another

    No sorry -- I've never actually done it either lol. Good luck on the grind though!
  14. Another

    Gonna try Tithe Farming eventually, or just gonna do it off trees/herbs? Heard at like lv 80+ Tithe can be around 100k xp/hr.