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  1. 1337

    Post for +1's
  2. elek' s introduction

    Welcome my man. Reasonable goals you got there -- if you ever need any advice on hitting them feel free to hit us up on disc/cc!
  3. Volk's Intro

    Ayyo my man. Welcome to the forums and hope you find yourself right at home within the community. GL with the grind on maxing your pure.
  4. 96 trust the process

    big boy gainz
  5. ah yes

    d hatchet next
  6. spare account question

    60 attack zerk builds are pretty nasty from what I've heard. Honestly though, the scene isn't really going to be back to 13-20 def anytime soon which is the main reason you'd get 13-20 def on a pure anyway. If you really want to, I guess stay 13 def for slay helm? But then again if I'm slaying on a pure I'd just do it on my main pure.

    ayy sup my man. Welcome to the community and good luck with maxing.
  8. Process has been trusted

    you go big boy 99 hp next
  9. @lee I found it

    ye id smash
  10. Fuck misfits

    shitfits gonna be shit
  11. Trusting the Process

    ayy just 90 ranged now
  12. Trusting the Process

    Ayo just 2 more to go
  13. Trusting the Process

    Finally finished with getting all my c wars gear.