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  1. Reformed Ali

    Hi I'm Bushcat

    Welkom broer Belgen gng hiero! Belg > Dutch btw
  2. Reformed Ali

    >> READ << Important Topic

    Hope u had enough time for some stroopwafels during this
  3. Reformed Ali

    The new iron pure

    En kopt er tegen
  4. Reformed Ali

    zulrah :)

    Gz bruh
  5. Reformed Ali

    Lucky me pog

  6. Reformed Ali

    Castle wars master

  7. Reformed Ali

    For the fans BTW

    Some small gains over the last couple of weeks 99 btw, prob the most missplaced rightclick + unexpected looty next up: gwd grinding stay tuned ~Ali
  8. Reformed Ali

    biggest drop so far

    Hell yeah brother, cox around the corner
  9. Reformed Ali

    Legacy Loses Again LOL

    Gz my man
  10. Reformed Ali

    planning on maxxing

    Gl brother, ill embrass another mith warrior
  11. Reformed Ali

    yep thats done for now

    Tell em Kevo
  12. Reformed Ali


    Bout time init
  13. Reformed Ali


    Anti drag yikes Imo only use exilent for cwa as the freeze timers are more accurate on there. For all else use runelite