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  1. Reformed Ali

    biggest drop so far

    Hell yeah brother, cox around the corner
  2. Reformed Ali

    Legacy Loses Again LOL

    Gz my man
  3. Reformed Ali

    When my clan steps in the wild

    Ma boi fee
  4. Reformed Ali

    planning on maxxing

    Gl brother, ill embrass another mith warrior
  5. Reformed Ali

    yep thats done for now

    Tell em Kevo
  6. Reformed Ali


    Bout time init
  7. Reformed Ali


    Anti drag yikes Imo only use exilent for cwa as the freeze timers are more accurate on there. For all else use runelite
  8. Reformed Ali

    Where my niggas at

  9. Reformed Ali

    Pk tab + how to use it

    I heard my pk tab already got used for some of the newer members. Mainly to help them organise their bank for returns and whatnot. Therefor I'm going to leave it here with the correct way of using it. Takes some time to get used to it, but with enough practice you'll get the hang of it rahter soon then late. First thing you want to get out when regearing: yellow. This is what you'll be wearing. After you got your gear on, take out your other styles: red. Afterwards you wanna get out your supplies (+said teleportation method): green. Hopefully this is helpful. ~Ali
  10. Reformed Ali

    another max main team...

    Muhammed Ali approves
  11. Reformed Ali

    Fatality Night Squad

    There is only 1 standard when it comes to that, GMT+1 ofc
  12. Reformed Ali

    fatality's night squad

    the big boi squad init
  13. That F2P Saturday lads!!!

  14. Reformed Ali

    ty archers ring

  15. Reformed Ali

    Introduction / Bag Em Up

    Welcome blud
  16. Reformed Ali

    Barney P2P Pk Vid 1

    dds is lit good shit brother
  17. Reformed Ali

    Aizen's intro

    Man been in if and fsk with u, yet u failed to mention me, smh Anyways welcome brother, you'll fit in well
  18. Reformed Ali

    Who would win?

    Have to agree on my man chomp
  19. Reformed Ali


    Paddy is back
  20. Reformed Ali


  21. Reformed Ali

    leaf bladded axe unlocked

    Nice my man
  22. Reformed Ali

    PcActiveOn's intro

    Welcome mate
  23. Reformed Ali

    Introduction - ign: Eulogia

    Welcome mate