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  1. Wow

    Yes it is I, Rangep00npkr, Rich's worst nightmare. How is your burrito stand coming along? Mr. "I don't want a rank." Finish College? I know man. You quit before me and I saw you introed again. Coming back?
  2. Thanyel's intro

    When did you join outbreak? Don’t recall your name. Hey thanyel long time no see. He was oldschool outbreak, then vanished. Glad to see you back.
  3. Wow

    Some of my posts aren't showing up for me rip. Forums broken or something?
  4. Wow

    I check on rs forums once in a while (Mostly FOE). Moreso now since I got free time.
  5. Wow

    Since when did @Rich come back? Hey @jons matt, mitch Hi @Voke saw your status update. You will need to teach me how to play rs. Haven't played in a couple of years. And Hi everyone else.