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  1. Can you touch your toes?

    Can't even touch my knee caps
  2. All requirements are met

    thanks <3 @DDOS @Maffiajef6 @Seig @Pex
  3. All requirements are met

    after some grinding I got em all
  4. 1 Defence Quests and Tasks

    well put together!
  5. Hit 3k KC zulrah on my main

    thanks for all the gratz guys <3
  6. Hit 3k KC zulrah on my main

    yup got the pet at like 2.2k kc
  7. After "some hours" of zulrah i finally got 3000 kc zulrah
  8. Smoke Weed Everyday

    gratz my man!
  9. Corrupt a Wish.

    granted but $0 * 2 is still $0. I wish my pk account was maxed.
  10. Corrupt a Wish.

    i fucked up, read below
  11. Another one done

    Motivation right there. GZ!
  12. joined the cape club

    gz my dude
  13. 97 HP

    gz, 2 more to go!