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    2015 in OSRS I was asked " why do you play runescape, obviously u can pvm, quest and skill" and i answered " what? runescape is a pking game, nothing else, we made this game to what it is now #pkers"
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  1. then how the fuck is he a pure elite... SMH
  2. hes not allowed to post his shit??? lmao
  3. h0tkn1fe

    yo, this allowed?

    aight deleting thanks
  4. h0tkn1fe


    how much did it cost u from 65?
  5. h0tkn1fe

    yo, this allowed?

    thanks for answers #GREENARMY
  6. h0tkn1fe

    The day i showed Mod Jed how to tank

    why did i watch this ....
  7. h0tkn1fe

    Pure Pking with Commentary

    be careful with the claws, mod jed might ddos you for them
  8. runeloader is over, what should i use now? any recomendation thats best for pking, dont need any over rated shit, just wanna have a smoot pking experience.
  9. h0tkn1fe

    joined this stream for 2seconds and this happend

    you sure your not that moderator Kappa
  10. h0tkn1fe


  11. h0tkn1fe


    welcome and gl with getting 0 def buddy
  12. h0tkn1fe

    90 Point and Shooty

    gratz boy
  13. h0tkn1fe

    This 40m win was ez for Sly Waffle

    im the one who people pay tax to, your rule breaking 5% of your bank is mine now
  14. h0tkn1fe

    Iv'e Made it boys

    dont stake it pls =)