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    2015 in OSRS I was asked " why do you play runescape, obviously u can pvm, quest and skill" and i answered " what? runescape is a pking game, nothing else, we made this game to what it is now #pkers"
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  1. Just wait for me boys..

    i like dat
  2. 90 Point and Shooty

    gratz boy
  3. This 40m win was ez for Sly Waffle

    im the one who people pay tax to, your rule breaking 5% of your bank is mine now
  4. Iv'e Made it boys

    dont stake it pls =)
  5. makes me wanna come back PogChamp
  6. 90 White Power

  7. lmfaoooo @bday

  8. [Part 2] Spring Promotions 2018

    great promotions, one of the only reasons i pushed my new pure from litteraly 70 str, range, mage, 1 pray, 50 attack, to almost a maxed pure was because of this man @Kenny no wonder hes promoted to the leader of fatality. well deserved and hope it stays like this.
  9. feelsbadman for this guy rn

    refund, jagex scammed him
  10. I am a wizard

    no your a mage haHAA
  11. Quick +1 At Revs

    i cant even smite for shit LUL
  12. 94 mage grind!

    after grinding the hell out of strength, nows the time for mage!