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  1. Angelin

    August Member of the Month

    Great job dude, keep it up!
  2. Angelin

    Jagex Tournament Winners

    couck was carried, fact
  3. Angelin

    Callisto guide

    nice guide gj!
  4. Angelin

    Who the Fuck is Mascots?

    Kill the venezuelans, but love me lmao Welcome to Fi, you'll like the community!
  5. Angelin

    becoming a god in clan wars step 1with hen

    I would say that better late than never haha! gj
  6. Angelin

    99 wc service done

  7. Angelin

    Daily osrs question #9

    Got smited once for ags when it was around 100m ages ago. Also smited like 3-4 when I used to single briding also ages ago. Good times
  8. Angelin

    My brain hurts

    Gz buddy! Rip fingers
  9. Angelin

    Zybez closes.

  10. Angelin

    Promotions !!

    A bit late but well deserved boys! Keep up the good work!
  11. Angelin

    PVP Arena - Thoughts?

    It would make wild less attractive, so I dont think it would be a good idea : /
  12. Angelin

    my rng

    pet next! :]
  13. Angelin

    Finally a cerb drop

    #bonk gj