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  1. If you could.

  2. favourite sports?

    As a good brazilian, football (soccer). But i love Rugby :] Been playing for 3 years and its OP
  3. So yeah they got me

    gf bro :/
  4. 2018 Promotions

    You guys have a great community, wich is a base for the sucess. Congrats to everyone who was promoted and even who wasnt mentioned in the topic, you guys are still part of the sucess! Keep it up guys!
  5. Close

    nice stats gz
  6. 1 left

    nice man gz!
  7. Low iq misfits player

    this lol
  8. 96/99 Magician

    Almost David Cooperfield, gz!

    Nice ko, good job!
  10. Weekly questions - Week 2

    Medium with a cold beer is the perfect mix :]
  11. favourite pkers back in the day!?

    top 3 i'd say Metalic mage Bwuk im bp Binu22 I hadnt the chance to fight Bwuk, but Binu and Metalic always had unreal hits, pretty hard to fight against.
  12. First in Fatality, yeet.

    no chance of splashing wearing this!