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  1. gp

    If you're still looking for gp feel free to pm me on discord (Goldtoscape, in the clanfriend rank) or even contact me @ .I'll do my best for your needs
  2. Jacco And Sams Questing Service!

    @Pex did an Nmz kit for me, was as fast as Usain Bolt %
  3. making things

    good job!
  4. Nmz quests and skill reqs

    Thanks @Pex Great and as fast as Usain Bolt. Deserves to be the next leader!
  5. Nmz quests and skill reqs

    Hey, I need the quests and skills below done: Vampire SlayerFight ArenaThe grand treelost citymontain daughterwitchs house agility 30thiev 14craft 31wc 36 If you're interested hit me up on discord or pm through forums, thanks!
  6. Couck's Bsing Service (Open)

    Will you ags + gmaul @Sly Waffle for 7250k? pm!
  7. [Part 2] Spring Promotions 2018

    Congratulations guys! Keep it up!
  8. Post max combat levels.

    Nice gj
  9. *** Real Nigga Awards 2018 ***

    @Couckshowed up some great designer skills. Are you open for services bro?
  10. Pet, again

    damn nice gj

    84 str with 1 att wutt? lol
  12. Teemo/Ethers Introduction

  13. 3/23 PK TRIP

    B0nk m4d3