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  1. Sweet man, we should try and get some more people from R M Z to come through to Fatality as well if they need a home. Glad to see the intro being dropped. Welcome to our community man, I hope you enjoy your stay in our guild, gamer
  2. Hey, are you selling GP?

    1. Fazey ネ

      Fazey ネ

      the comeback :o

  3. WTF ok big baller we see you

  4. Brennen

    MyPure intro

    Aye i was in Olympus as well btw. Same with @BIGTREVOR
  5. Brennen

    MyPure intro

    Hell yeah man, its about time 😛 glad to see you decided to come join the Fatality guild brother. looking forward to the app
  6. Fuck yah man, welcome to our forums. hope you drop that members app to join the Fatality Guild brother. Got any questions pm me on here or ingame.
  7. Be on to own this weekend.



    Official Weekend Trips

    2:00 EST MASS, 2:30 EST START

    7:00 GMT MASS, 7:30 GMT START

  8. Glad to see you intro bro, welcome to our community man. looking forward to the app!
  9. welcome back man, its about time lol =p can't wait for the app to drop
  10. welcome to our forums man
  11. Hey welcome to our forums and community man. Looking forward to that APP since you got Member Reqs now. If you need any help with it let me know bro.
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