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  1. Rusty

  2. @3 Man ® if i ever get infernal ill give you 500m
  3. lmao wtf did I just watch
  4. Leadership Promotions

    this is fucking hypeee congrats and welcome back @Rich @Whisky @Jons

    lol nice what were u botting
  6. Marketplace revamp!

    be safe out there
  7. 2018 Promotions

    Congrats @Sly Waffle and @Lee
  8. was alot of fun cant wait to smash misfits tomorrow
  9. gratty

  10. im so glad we killed this clan dead today
  11. GOOD SHIT BOYS THAT WAS LIT AF amazing pull for being so late as well, props to everyone who showed up. Fatality wins again
  12. Did you miss kenny?

    who the fuck is kenny?
  13. good fucking win, fucking hype you guys!