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  1. Schweden


  2. Schweden

    Hi all!

    hello mate, welcome to the clan.
  3. 91 Slayer B2B Dhcb lmao And a fkn arcane, hate to see it l0l
  4. Schweden

    Funny Discord Quotes.

  5. Schweden

    almost my 1 year anniversary

    bra hora
  6. Enjoy the holidays you filthy fucks, be ready after to keep destroying RS.

  7. Schweden

    The grind

    i see what u did there
  8. Schweden

    Someone explain this to me.

    hahah thats fkn hillarious
  9. Schweden

    first try at a real vid

    What program are you using, cuz it looks like ur missing some settings
  10. Schweden

    Magic grind is over

    my fav part of that picture Gz again
  11. Schweden

    2277 :)

  12. Schweden

    Some Achievements

    During the last months few months i've been doing AFK blood runes, cuz thats the only thing i've had time for tbh lol. Next week is the final week with that weird schedule that prevents me from showing up to weekend trips. I'll be back soon so @Kenny doesnt fuck up everything, but other than that, heres the final Runecrafting level for awhile. I also made some money during this, traded over 10k to my clanning account Runes are from 77-90 (Used for pking, traded over and some sold).
  13. Schweden

    3 Years Ago

    That intro is srsly one of my favorites of all time, especially with that fatality logo at the end