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  1. Good shit boys! Be on tomorrow!
  2. Not so baby

    Dammn bro!! Gratz warlord
  3. † Name Shop †

    The names
  4. Finally finished

  5. New rsn same me. Harpoongang innit

    Woaa nice one man
  6. Some people....

  7. progress

    Nice gains!!
  8. 99 hp/Maxed/Need post count

    Work bro, i’ll be home in like 6-7hrs
  9. I did a thing and got 99 mage

    Gratz bro! Im currently at 15m mage xp lol 850k ishh to 99 hp
  10. Leadership Promotions

    Wow! Gratz all!
  11. The road to TITAN

    Ur 500k ahead so yeah gf