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  1. Interested in a f cape, Il message you on discord. Thanks
  2. Oher

    Selling RSGP 0,75 USD per M

    il take 100m, il msg you
  3. Oher

    Hey FI

    I. Who introduced you to Fatality? Can't remember exactly, was active with FI between 2013-2016 II. Do you plan on joining Fatality? Yes III. What is your current RuneScape Name? Novacastria IV. What is your RuneScape(Clanning) history? Was active PK'ing with FI, MM and Valhalla in 2013-16 between being 1-45def. V. What are your goals for your RuneScape account? Maxing another account. VI. Anything else you'd like to add? I used to be pretty active with FI back when I used to play oldschool with my account "Oher". I Maxed a 99 atk, str, magic, range, hp initiate pure in 2015 before I lost interest in the game and made it into a main acc. Have just started a new pure couple of weeks ago, keen to grind out some stats and start pking again.
  4. Oher

    99 Herb :D

  5. Oher

    Mute Pker - Fire Cape Shop

    3 capes done for me, trusted with 100m bank, huge vouch.
  6. Ive finally hit my goal of maxed initiate, after many many many hours. Its taken a long time of late, due to lack of interest in the game, so i have been very inactive. Happy days. 6 level 99's and 100cmb. Cheers too: Teh Shibby, for taking the blow for the 99.
  7. Oher

    Mute Pker - Fire Cape Shop

    huge vouch, trusted with all details including bank pin. 2 capes
  8. Oher

    99 yeeeeh.

    Been grinding to get this 99 this weekend, time to chill now and pk a bit, no more training for bit, il finish up attack next weekend. Decided to stock up on slayer helm(i)'s. and imbue all rings with my points Thankyou to Xq Base, for helping me try to get the screenie, but fail.
  9. Oher

    Almost there

    Been pretty inactive of late, busy with work and other things. But managed to put in a grind today. 97 attack and 300k xp off 99 hp..
  10. Oher

    Mute Pker - Fire Cape Shop

    Im currently down to my last cape. I could use 2 more, il have to organise with you when your online next to get them.
  11. Oher

    Gold Pieces (Selling)

    il buy 20m? Im only an Fi applicant, but i am trusted. Skill works for me, wanjapapa will vouch. pm you
  12. Oher

    getting close!

    as soon as I rebuild bank and buy pk supplies il be apping
  13. Oher

    getting close!

    Had a few weeks off after loosing my bank staking, lost interest a bit. But managed to make like 5mil this weekend and a few levels closer to maxing slowly... 94 Attack, 98 Hp, 79 Slayer
  14. Oher

    99 Hearts

    yewww, gratz, ive just hit 98 long road to the 99 hah
  15. Oher

    99 range fdw