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  1. 10/12 P2P PK

    Good shit boys, good trip!
  2. Finally got this bad boy.

    Looking good man I need one soon
  3. RIP my 1 defence pure

    Makes me sad :/
  4. 99 Prayer Achieved .

    Grats man! nice acc btw
  5. f2p trip smoking sup

    Great trip and nice pics guys looking forward to next trip
  6. 100 dolla bill ya'll.

    Grats my dude nice dp too
  7. hell yeah v2

    congrats my dude!
  8. Limmits Intro

    I. Who introduced you to Fatality? Beyond Gone II. Do you plan on joining Fatality? Yes III. What is your current RuneScape Name? Limmits IV. What is your RuneScape(Clanning) history? None, Looking into getting into it. V. What are your goals for your RuneScape account? Max my 75attack pure and become real good at all kinds of pking VI. Anything else you'd like to add? Love to help out with clan in anyway possible looking to have a good time here. Thank you.