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  1. 99 Strength!

    Thanks to @Cookie and @Marwan for coming to grats me! Ft Mallomar "YOU DONT TELL ME HOW TO TRAIN!" lol
  2. Streamers Reaction To Fatality

    I think it was along the lines of; Pretty fucking good, you must be pretty fucking good.
  3. Streamers Reaction To Fatality

    One of our members lent him the account, look when he realised what clan chat he was in. Unfortunately lost some audio.
  4. Embarrassing Fathers...

  5. Scammed

    Someone is taking full advantage of todays trip to merch us all lool 4.2kea RIP
  6. 6 K w u u 2

  7. 1 down

  8. Discord Servers Experiencing Issues

    y discord no work
  9. 60 Attack or 75 Attack

    75 it is boys
  10. 60 Attack or 75 Attack

    So as 99 Range nears, I will be starting to train Strength. My dilemma is whether to up to 75 Attack or stay as I am now. Obviously 75 would provide a faster method of training (Saradomin Sword) + Higher DPS. But it would give me a higher combat level and exclude the possibility of 99 Prayer to stay within Clan REQ. I noticed most of you, including ranks tend to be 75 but in my RS Era, it was 60 or go home. What do I do?
  11. What the actual fuck.

    I can't get one fml