Today marks a Year Exactly When Trevor Took Over The Forums and Made Them Secure! No DDOS/SQL Injections/Hackings in a year! Grats Fatality Forums ~ Shot_D0wn9 btw


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  1. Distributing

    Whats up my dudes Joe from the old days here

    Welcome back
  2. Distributing

    99 Strength!

    Thanks to @Cookie and @Marwan for coming to grats me! Ft Mallomar "YOU DONT TELL ME HOW TO TRAIN!" lol
  3. Distributing

    Streamers Reaction To Fatality

    I think it was along the lines of; Pretty fucking good, you must be pretty fucking good.
  4. Distributing

    Streamers Reaction To Fatality

    One of our members lent him the account, look when he realised what clan chat he was in. Unfortunately lost some audio.
  5. Big pull this weekend boys!! Rip all clans 

  6. Distributing

    Embarrassing Fathers...

  7. Distributing


    Someone is taking full advantage of todays trip to merch us all lool 4.2kea RIP
  8. Distributing

    6 K w u u 2

  9. Distributing

    1 down

  10. Lets get a big pull tonight boys! 50+ again? Can we make it happen

  11. Distributing

    Discord Servers Experiencing Issues

    y discord no work