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  1. It's done! Farmality :D

    oh and I did magic trees, watermelons, calquats, palm trees and torstol seeds
  2. It's done! Farmality :D

    a solid 140m i believe i went through a lot of money lol. I lost about 2.5m a day from farm runs I believe
  3. 5 months of work is DONE!
  4. hi im streaming

    im 200k from 99 farming and im doing slayer on my pure. if you're bored come say hi i'm not that entertaining so don't get too excited lol
  5. whos rich

    Rockets suck* :')
  6. whos rich

    if you're rich buy me this $600 black leather houston rockets jacket. plz and ty
  7. pk Vid 30

  8. 3 more!

    yeah the pay price is 25 coconuts and it's not too expensive
  9. 3 more!

    I use to not even pay it I just compost it but when I was doing it the Cactus spines were 10k ea so it wasn't worth to protect
  10. 3 more!

    a lot of time and money down the drain for it but i want it so bad so it's worth
  11. 3 more!

    i can sauce you the left over of my farming supplies if you'd like when i'm done that is lol
  12. 3 more!

    I cannot wait!! My favorite cape in-game the untrim-farming cape
  13. Gonna say sorry

    You just made my night with this post dude you have no idea. I'm exhausted and I burst out laughing at this reply
  14. Gonna say sorry

    I've been getting poked and maessaged a lot about these clan events and trips and I keep saying I'm busy and I'm sorry about that. I just have a really hectic personal life so it's hard. I will come to every one of the events I can. If my lack of participation is an issue I'll cancel my application