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  1. `Codi

    From now on (EVERYONE)

    Don't call me by " Codi " from now on call me by " Not safe for Work Codi " I am the king of nsfw channel on discord
  2. `Codi

    OMG L0L00LL0L0L

    @4:20 and @10:20 LOLLOLOLOLOL
  3. `Codi


  4. `Codi

    New Phone Suggestions

    sick phone mate lmfao
  5. `Codi

    New Phone Suggestions

    Becuase i only fuck with samsung lol
  6. `Codi

    New Phone Suggestions

    I needa get a new phone but i don't know what to get, It must be a Samsung any suggestions ?
  7. `Codi

    This guy is lols

    Skip to 3:30
  8. `Codi

    R.i.P Ice Poseidon 2018

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oS8-G-M1u2U https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3JRi2PswfOw&t=0s
  9. Mine was this: And this when we killed misfits in 10 seconds lmfao