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  1. Still have a awhile to go o.O

    Ummm I'm stopping at 89 CB WHYYYY?!?!
  2. pure 100% done

    Always room for 59 prayer ;D LOL
  3. Quick clear of Foe/random mains

    Awesome ballista kill!
  4. Still going lol, almost maxed range hit
  5. whos rich

    Gross, would not spend $600 on that =O
  6. A Return Guide - Traversing the Wilderness & PVP Worlds

    *This is my desktop background, jokes on you!***
  7. Come for your +1s

  8. Improvement

  9. Improvement

    Working on it now
  10. Some progress

    LOL! Ebola, what a comparison
  11. Improvement

    Looking back to my original app stats picture, I'm quite proud of the progress I've made in such a short time.