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  1. Red Vision

    smithing pet

    grats on anvil pet.
  2. Red Vision

    Hello everyone!

    Sup man. What's the most fucked up thing you have seen while firefighting?
  3. Red Vision


    big grinder
  4. Red Vision


    sup lad
  5. Red Vision

    Hows Misfits?

    fi big as always
  6. Red Vision


  7. Red Vision

    Helloooooo itte me!

    Oh, you're that guy! HEY EVERYONE IT'S THAT DUDE.
  8. I lowkey need to download discord to the phone.

  9. Sweet guys. I need to be on more during the weekdays!
  10. Grats boys. Ace was a mad lad.
  11. HUGE SHOUT OUT TO @Pex. Mith Gloves and Desert treasure, plus prequests done for a decent price.


    If anyone needs any quests done you need to hit this guy up

    1. Pex


      yes thanks i am the best

    2. Stigi


      Hell yea Grace-Gang supports this message

    3. DDOS
  12. Red Vision

    Osrs Daily Question #1

    p2p- White Plat- Literally the best place for 1v1s f2p- I realllllly wanna do a Wizard's tower f2p fight