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  1. Vice's Funeral

    The sorrow of the faithfulis not that of permanent loss,but the tender sense of sadnessthat comes in saying good-bye for nowto someone we love.May today's sorrow give wayto the peace andcomfort of God's love.
  2. RIP Marcus

    God bless
  3. So Kenny

    This got me so bad lmao
  4. So Kenny

    I think we need to nominate a special guy to take care of Kenny
  5. So Kenny

    Lmao good one Joking aside, @Kenny I respect you alot and you are good guy brother I think you will be great leader to us for sure
  6. So Kenny

    Well hes fucked up then I guess
  7. So Kenny

    Hell yeah brother
  8. So Kenny

    Now that Kenny got his well deserved leader tags, i'm sure we all agree that he can't be running around dieing and losing ballistas to raggers, because it will be really bad reputation for the clan, right? To contain that problem I suggest Kenny should be wearing ring of life at all times when we are our there pking. Thoughts?
  9. [Part 2] Spring Promotions 2018

    Wow this is so dope grats to you all beautifull mother fuckers!
  10. [Part 1] Spring Promos 2018

    what? me? elite? heeeeeell yeah! congrats to everybody! well deserved!!!!
  11. *** Real Nigga Awards 2018 ***

    Grats niggas
  12. Petality