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  1. iron rag

    Dont lose that glory
  2. Joined the def squad btw btw btw

    Ouch. You'll get over it
  3. nightshift smites +1 :D

    free bonds
  4. i got wood

  5. Got 99 Mage

    pic not working but gratty
  6. Florida High School Shooting Near My House

    Here in Finland civilians have to be in a shooting club or hunting club to own a gun. Also before buying the gun police interviews you and check from the doctor that your mental health is in good condition. These things prevents most of the mass shootings in Finland.
  7. Pray 4 Me :(

    Personally I have nothing agaist you but I have no sympathy for botters when others are playing/ have to play legitimately But sad that you lost your name

    Anybody seen Kenny's ballista?
  9. Queen Leticia Bufoni

    Shes good
  10. Especially the 2nd one
  11. AGS PK - Rev Caves

    no way lol. grats