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  1. We massed up 45 Green Men later peaking at 61 Fatality Warriors for our P2P Sunday Trip. Due to MF's anniversary they decided to invite around 70 People and join forces with BP. (holy fucking cringe) We setup a fight with Apex, Apex defended and we rushed from the west. We caught some good movements early on and focused around the south side. We continued to pick up the pressure and continued the fight for several minutes. Good returning and calling made us impossible to clear and we started to clear Apex when Misfits logged in and crashed. We waited around at sperm for something to happen, We heard Misfits was coming to hit us, so we moved to singles and baited them to log in. They logged in and instantly got in massive clumps in multi. We killed numerous MF braindead members before we dipped out and went to rebank. We heard Misfits was fighting Final Ownage Elites, we logged in west and started to instantly kill and focus yellow. We started smoking Misfits to the point where they decided to come west and try to clear us. We continued to put the pressure on them. Eventually a big return unit of MF caught our attention and we started barraging. Than out of no where Eruption of Pures logged in a fat clump. We started barraging the shit out of the clump killing numerous people. We continued to fight EOP while being sniped by MF & FOE at this point. We eventually teleported out and went to bank. Misfits and FInal Ownage Elites fight still roared on west of CA. We camped Misfits returners killing the majority of them. We pushed Misfits south and made 30+ of them teleport out giving FOE the clear lead. We killed a couple Eruption of Pures members before we went to bank. [UPLOADING]
  2. @Lee i dont know how fucking hard it is to put Saturday - (random shit) everyone and their fucking mothers nan knows its going to be fatalitys pov. fuck my ocd man.
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    Welcome to the green side mate
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    holy fuck @V1ce is council.
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    Welcome to fatalitys forums brother
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    Welcome to the forums big man, Apply up
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    As I was sitting around at work drinking free coffee with that terrible artificially sweetener none milk looking powder shit, I decided that there is alot of hate and resentment around the world globally. Ill start off with @Kenny Bonjour Kenneth, I would like to first state that you are a great jewish man, You are a even better clan leader. honored to have worked with you the past year improving fatality and ourselves.
  9. Yesterday I setup a prepped PK TRIP, We massed up 20 Green Men and went out in our wilderness. We ended up smoking Misfits several times until they ended. Cleared Hydra everytime we found them. Fought IR a couple times. and Skull fucked BP. Thanks to everyone who came.
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    suck dick niggy.
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    The big bad af brazil. the mastermind of alot of things, ive learn alot from you and looking forward to killing more clans with you shortly.
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    my 4n brother council. i much have much love for you. one of the best community guys there is
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    I love you, you my nibla
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    Dont know much about you brother. However someone with 5k post count must be highly respected.
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  16. We went out on a PK trip with around 15 later we peaked at 23 Green Men. We ran into Misfits midway through our trip and the real fun began. We started planking MF hard and they would continuously mass return to the northwest corridor. The fight kept going all around revs eventually making its way up to dragons. Here is where we took full control of the fight, we started transitioning through MF and sending them all running south. We kept on them going south and eventually pushed MF all the way down to level 30. We killed the remaining MF members and a couple returners before we completely cleared MF. We caught a spam and teleported to edge.
  17. We decided to go out with around 10 later peaking at 15 Green Men for a wilderness patrol trip. We ran into countless numbers of noobs who donated their lootations to fatality. Thanks to everyone who showed up.
  18. MF actually took 5 minutes to return and get 5 and take a fake ending. holy fucking shit bro l0l

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    Well well..... I taught you everything you know.... But on the real note, you were the first buddy i had in Fatality and that friendship will never leave. I respect you alot even though i flame you constantly. your still my boy through anything. ❤️