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  1. After a super fun Sunday P2P Trip, We massed up a couple men and went out patrolling the wilderness, we ran into a couple teams and smoked them all. Thanks to everyone who showed up.
  2. big old fucking fi, yehhhh

  3. Holy smokes, So we like peaked at like 20+ Green Men and Pked the majority of the day and made alot of looties. Thanks to everyone who slide through.
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    he roll with us now
  5. TB12 is the goat.

  6. Holy smokes, So on this fine Sunday Trip we massed up 55 Pure Elites and Peaked at 63 Green Men. Unfortunately for us both clans who hate us couldn't combine to pull anywhere near us, This didn't matter we knew we would still ruin their trip and demoralize the small clan wars team. (SIEGE PULLED 25 to their OPENING TRIP) & (MISFITS PULLED 30 FOR THE FIRST TIME IN 3 MONTHS) We heard a couple clans were fighting, We logged in east of the fight and found Supremacy, We quickly smoked them while running east killing all their returners, We than found Vendetta behind us to the east and completely steamrolled them. We continued to stay on them east killing all of them, We started to loot and dipped before Apex could rush. We knew shit clans were in singles trying to accomplish teaming on us from singles. We didnt care. We still hit Misfits from multi while they were in singles, Siege logged in and soon Vendetta followed. We started steamrolling through Misfits while luring them out into multi, We quickly smoked them and forced them to teleport out, We than went south on the rest of the shitters and ended up clearing them up. Final Ownage Elites logged in and we dipped. We found Misfits northeast of chaos alter, we quickly logged in and hit them from behind. We smoked them and caught numerous tb's and killed every single downy we could. After Misfits got smoked, they quickly hopped worlds and regrouped at graveyard. We waited till they had 25. and we logged in on top of them and hit them in singles, Within seconds Backwoods called everyone to teleport out once again. l0l Misfits the retards that they are actually tried to 1v1 against Siege. We logged in from the west and completely fucked them as both shit clans were in massive clumps, We continued to tb and barrage the fuck out of them east, Once both clans were cleared Eruption of Pures rushed, We continued fighting them for sometime while they got in mad clumps. Final Ownage Elites logged in and we dipped. We heard clans were fighting, We logged in north of CA and started to smoke them, We heard Misfits and BP was around us so we pulled east. We found BP and completely derailed those mongs. We pulled south and lured some Intense Redemption into us. We than looked west and found Misfits in a fat gwas. We bodied them. We continued killing everything in sight and dipped once FOE logged in. We followed Misfits to falador, Waited and logged in and smoked them quick. Eventually after they were cleared Supremacy came and rushed us and got in massive clumps to the south. Intense Redemption logged in and started to get hit by both clans. We positioned ourselves perfectly. We heard some Intense Redemption was around pond, We logged in and quickly smoked all of IR who was at the ponds. We continued to go east and hit their members in the trees. Once they were all cleared up, Final Ownage Elites logged in and we dipped.
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  8. We massed up 45 Green Men Peaking at 54 Pure Elites for our P2P Sunday Funday. We had constant action and alot of laughs on teamspeak. Thanks to everyone who came. We started our trip off against BP, They decided to spam us and we asked them for a fight. We went to a pvp world and defended and minutes later BP rushed. Instantly they started getting in mad clumps and we took complete control. We stayed on them and chased them around and wrapped around them. We killed them all and quickly looted before Intense Redemption could crash. Intense Redemption decided to hit us in singles with 20+. We stayed and fought them actually killing more then they killed. We eventually teleported out to edge but we didnt forget that they decided to hit us in singles. We heard Intense Redemption was about to fight, We waited for the perfect time to hit them and found them north of GDZ in a 30+ man clump. We started bombing them on the gate and killed every single Intense Redemption member. We smoked them so hard, They tried running east inside us and we pulled back east and stayed on them. Once IR was completely cleared we stayed east and Supremacy went west and logged out. We dipped south and went to bank our loot. We asked DT for a fight and they defended GDZ, We came from the west and started being super aggressive. We quickly got on top of them and started pushing them east. We cleared them all up and quickly waited at GDZ for a couple seconds before we dipped with out loot We heard BP was out and about walking around in a fall in, We came storming in from the east and completely wrapped around them and sent them teleporting and running around like headless chickens. We followed them to the bank and flamed them, And they ended their trip. We followed suit shortly after.
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    @Kenny age single-handedly makes us win this award. Since @Couck stepped down and MF closed we have had to do no honor stuff. Wait till MF reopens
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  12. We massed up 20 Green men and Later peaked at 27 Hungry legends, We ended up having fights against Supremacy a nice little PKRI which we came out on top of. And than we had a fight against Final Ownage Elites, Cleared them up pretty easy. We made nothing but bank loot. We had a great trip, thanks to everyone who attended.
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    @Couck where the fucks mine you dumb Belgian cunt
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  15. I wish you boys all the best, Happy Holidays and merry christmas. Love my fatality fam

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  18. We massed up 20 Green men and went out into our wilderness, We ended up killing a bunch of small teams and other lords. Ended up killing Misfits skids, and taking their loot. We sniped a main fight and made bank aswell. Thanks to everyone who came. https://i.imgur.com/7cMfTDe.png
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