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  1. Today Fatality set out with 35 Green Goblins later peaking at 42 for our Sunday P2P Trip. Fatality vs Apex & Misfits We started of our trip waiting for clans to go into multi. The first two clans to step up were Apex and Misfits. We heard they were about to fight at Dwarfs so we positioned ourselves accordingly. We logged in, and quickly jumped on top of them clumping numerous members from singles. The fight consisted for several more minutes with Fatality members getting nothing but kills. After more clans crashed we decided to dip with our loot and get a quick bank. Fatality vs Special Forces & Clan World. We setup a fight with Special Forces and defended in Falador. We waited for Special Forces to rush and as they did we got the advantage right from the start with an amazing spread. After a couple minutes Misfits decided to come from the far East, So we quickly banked and waited to go back. At this time EVERY clan decided to hit up Falador. We quickly re rushed and as we did we found Intense Redemption north. We began to fight them and having a number advantage they pulled far north by the anvil. We relocated east on a hill as we received word of Eruption of Pures logging in south of us. As they logged in we began barraging south and got them in a huge clump. With EOP having several more members we decided to bank and left. We came back a couple minutes later and found two clans fighting on the hill. We stayed west of falador by the statue, killing returners and stragglers. We heard Phoenix was logging in right beside us, We began fighting and pulled north as we did we caught PX in a huge clump. They began teleporting out and dying and we cleared up the rest and went to bank. Fatality vs Special Forces FT. Misfits After world war 3 we took a chance while clans were banking and regrouping to fight Special Forces like originally planned. We defended at Al Kharid. SF rushed from the east. We began fighting and quickly due to the number advantage we were in the clear lead. After some time Misfits rushed from the north and we pulled far west behind the bank in singles ready to gwas anyone who came near, a couple brain dead bee's decided to come behind the bank and were quickly extinguished and raided. Fatality vs Special Forces FT. Misfits Quickly banking we setup another fight with Special Forces at CA. We defended and they rushed from the north. As the previous 3 fights went we took control early. We continued smashing them until Misfits crashed again. Not backing down due to the number disadvantage we continued the fight and eventually caught MF in a 3x3x3 Clump. Our members we howling on discord and several MF members dipped or died. We dipped having lost barely any members. Fatality vs Eruption of Pures FT. Misfits. After Minutes of clans not being in the wilderness or not stepping into multi. We heard Eruption of Pures & Misfits were fighting near corp/boneyard. We rushed from north of boneyard and began sniping anyone we could. After a couple KO's and a quick driveby. MF was completely cleared and only EOP was left. We fought for a couple minutes and than dipped out and ended our trip on a positive note. Video's Picture's