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  1. Elve

    Monday 2 - Late night rev trip

    Nice trip buddy ❤️
  2. was a fun trip.
  3. things happen sometimes.
  4. We massed up 10 Green Men and went storming around the caves, ran into numerous small man teams and ended up pking for several hours. Thanks everyone who came.  https://i.imgur.com/qTcdiJK.png https://i.imgur.com/dXq8dRj.png
  5. Elve


  6. 55 kills - 14 deaths - 15m profit.
  7. After our P2P Trip we were still hungry, so we massed up 15 Green Men and went storming around our caves. We ran into numerous clans and smoked BP in a night little PKRI. Thanks to everyone who came.  Grats @Elve on ZGS
  8. After a action packed Saturday Trip we were all really eager to get Sunday popping we massed up 35 Green Men and later Peaked at 49 Pure Elites for our Sunday P2P Trip.  We started off our trip by logging in behind Rage and hitting them from the back. As we started clearing up Rage, Damage Control logged in. We instantly turned on them and started working them west. Eventually after a short period of time Supremacy and Legacy both came to crash, We pulled south and cleared up the remaining DC members. Shortly after we teleported bank with our looties. We setup a fight against Rage, We defended and they rushed from the east. We instantly started taking the advantage, We had great spacing and was able to clump Rage all north, We continued banging out rage until we received word Supremacy was coming from the south. We bamboozled them and teleported to bandits behind them instantly killing their stragglers. Within seconds they were gone. We pulled east into singles and sniped Final Ownage Elites and Outrage who had come at this point. We setup a 1v1 against Apex. We rushed them from the north and caught them completely off guard. We rambo'd through their north side and started pushing them south. Within seconds we were up 5-10 Kills. Halfway through we still had 41 in game and only lost 5 the entire fight. We pushed them back north and killed their return squad and had them down to 10 in game before we received word that Final Ownage Elites were coming from the south, We caught a quick spam and went to bank before FOE could crash. We heard Resistance was fighting Rage north of boneyard, We logged in at dwarfs and ran through all of them we caught north. We knew Legacy and Final Ownage Elites were coming but they were slower then us. We cleared it up and fought FOE for a minute before Legacy came to crash, We dipped out and banked out loot. @Jackal