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  1. This was too fucking easy what were they thinking?
  2. We went out with 10 Green men and started killing everything in sight, We pked for a couple hours and made loot. Thanks for coming.
  3. Elve

    What's up mates

  4. All those mains.
  5. We decided to go out Friday we massed up 15 Green Men and stormed around the wilderness for hours. We killed many teams and had alot of success and alot of loot. Thanks to everyone who showed up.
  6. Elve

    killing people

    Big pks
  7. For real thou, those fights are missed
  8. Dear Fatality Members, This weekend once we achieve our 80 Pull. All extra's or late's will be invited to go on Legacy's trip to increase their pulls and drastically increase their quality. Be on early to not die essentially.

  9. This is not hard. Someone reopen Misfits. @Jaya
  10. We heard this dogshit excuse of a clan was out in the wilderness, We promptly massed up 25 Green Men to go clear them. We waited for them to regroup and get everyone in a world. We sat listening to their teamspeak for the perfect oppertunity to hit them. We found them all spread north and instantly started taking the Green Hairy Dick to their foreheads. Within minutes it was over, Legacy was cleared. We continuously hopped to their worlds while they tried to regroup, Unable to do so they split up and ended.