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  1. Corrupt a Wish.

    granted. you have a big penis but your never allowed to use it. i wish the edmonton oilers didnt suck dick.
  2. I dont know what was funnier, foe in the 15 man or px in the 15 man
  3. On this fine day in February the Pure Elites massed up 56 Green Men to travel into the P2P Wilderness. Peaking at 61 Pure Elites. Fatality vs Final Ownage Elites FT. Supremacy As we were moving to hit a clan, Final Ownage Elites logged in behind us, we got the high ground and began hitting them from the east. We instantly caught them in a 15 Man clump east of sperm. FOE began to teleport out we continued to move east into singles were we found 10-15 Supremacy in singles, we hit them for a bit and than eventually went to rebank. Fatality vs Against All Odds,Intense Redemption,Apex,Phoenix World War 3 Started with us rushing Against All Odds north of Varrock ditch, We quickly cleared them up as we did Intense Redemption logged in from the north. We began fighting them at 7 Wilderness and eventually Apex and Phoenix were also there. We managed to get a good lead on Intense Redemption who was the next clan to teleport. We then went to bank and when we came back we fought AAO in singles and went back and the world was cleared. Fatality vs Phoenix FT. Apex, Against All Odds, Intense Redemption,Misfits We setup a fight against Phoenix and we defended south of 21 hill. PX got in a 10 man clump right off the beginning of the fight. We continued fighting until Apex came to crash, we teleported out and repositioned. We rushed Intense Redemption who was north of sperm and continued to push them north west. We cleared all of IR when Against All Odds was behind us, we began to hit them when Misfits logged in west. We dipped out with our loot and rebanked. Fatality vs Intense Redemption FT. Phoenix Whisky's IQ is actually 1000. We rushed Intense Redemption west of sperm, Hit them once, teleported to edge, teleported to Chaos altar and completely steamrolled Phoenix who was clueless and braindead. We pushed them all the way north where we would clear them all up. We teleported away from IR and quickly rebanked. Fatality vs Phoenix FT. Intense Redemption We logged in south of east graves and found Phoenix and Intense Redemption north in singles. We began to Hit any IR members we saw and after a couple minutes IR had dipped. We turned around on PX and instantly had a number advantage. we continued fighting and postioned ourselves on the singles line and bullied anyone who stepped into mutli. After some time we pulled north and dipped for another fight. Fatality vs Apex FT. Intense Redemption,Misfits. We setup a fight against Apex at dwarfs. We rushed from the north and the fight began. We went kill for kill at the start with us having the higher ground had a slight advantage. Intense Redemption logged in north and both clans pushed south. We turned around at level 30 and the green clans began to smoke IR. Misfits logged in west and we both dipped. We rebanked and came back and hit IR again. We fought for awhile ago before we decided to end our trip. [UPLOADING]

    5 minutes
  5. Misfits leaderboards

    its a proven fact that nearly 40% of the colony dies in the winter. Bee's are dying.
  6. COTM Baby

    ez for fi
  7. Was an insane trip, from the pull, to the fights, to the demolishing supremacy every time they left singles. great job boys.
  8. Saturday, February 3rd 2018. We massed up 49 One Defence Men in Robes for our F2P Saturday. Later peaking at 55. Fatality vs Apex FT. Eruption of Pures & Against All Odds. Apex defended at Ghost hut and we logged in on top of them, we quickly pushed with scims and fought down 5. The fight was fairly even but was crashed shortly by Eruption of Pures, We followed Apex down south but they went east and we went west. As we went west we ran into Against All Odds. We one banged their fall in leader and pushed them all the way south into singles. We quickly banked afterwards. Fatality vs Phoenix & Supremacy FT. Clan World. We went to defend inside our castle but on the way to it, Phoenix logged in behind us and started chasing us to castle. Once we hit the castle they didn't follow. Supremacy logged in and we began fighting for a quick minute. We pushed them to singles and as we did Final Ownage Elites, Eruption of Pures, Apex all logged in so we decided to get a quick bang and fight our original intended target. Fatality vs Intense Redemption FT. Against All Odds & Phoenix. We hit Intense Redemption north west of bandits. We quickly scimmed pushed them north and than after a quick couple kills switched back to bows. Against All Odds logged in west of us. IR teamed on crash and we sent AAO back to lumbridge quickly. While still in multi waiting to restart Phoenix logged in and we pushed them into multi. We followed them straight into bandits. We were right behind them the entire team killing members every second. Phoenix realizing they made a mistake, did a 180 and began to run south back through bandits. at this time they had gone from 55-30 ingame. We stayed north with 48 and quickly got a bank. Fatality vs Intense Redemption FT. Eruption of Pures & Phoenix. We hit Intense Redemption in the same place as before, We scimmed them in a dd. and once again when we moved south with bows Phoenix logged in north and we teamed on crash. We moved into bandits and Phoenix didnt follow. Eruption of Pures logged in and began hitting both clans. We fought back until we had around 40 ingame and we moved into singles. Eruption of Pures moved elsewhere and we got a quick bank. Fatality vs Intense Redemption FT. Supremacy & Phoenix . Everyone's Favorite fight of the day. We logged in on top of Supremacy south of castle with our scims out. We quickly sent the rats packing. We moved into singles where we found Intense Redemption and asked them for a fight, they moved east and we followed. We began fighting and Phoenix rushed us. We began fighting in a 1v1v1. Supremacy tried to keep sniping the fight which had now gone around the castle east. Every time Supremacy would "attempt" to come into multi we would let them get close to us and than completely demolish them. We did this a combined 4 times, Halving Supremacy's ingame opts each time. We pulled north and began fighting both clans again. When they both had around 20 in game and we still had 40 we pulled into singles and dipped. Fatality vs Intense Redemption FT. Eruption of Pures & Supremacy. We setup our last fight against Intense Redemption like the 3 previous fights we expected it to be crashed within seconds. IR defended 37 altar. and we rushed. Within 30 seconds Eruption of Pures logged in and Supreamcy came to play with the door. We focused Supremacy to get them out of the fight quickly. Intense Redemption left the fight and Supremacy had 10 in game. We continued fighting Eruption of Pures for a little while longer on 0 supplies but we could not out return their double logging tactics. @Lee