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  1. Massed up 13 Green Warriors and hit up rev caves for 4 hours, killed countless people and murdered the caves for bank loot!
  2. Fatality Gang

    gang signs
  3. big yeah! bank loot incoming.
  4. 2/3 Reqs for slowboy

    hell yes
  5. 2/3 of reqs

    hell yeah lets go brother
  6. We had around 20 chillin after our Big Mini vs AAO when COA asked for a PKRI, We quickly accepted and massed up 15 Green Men. We met west of gdz and quickly focused their low levels and began to smack them around, they had a couple more than us but we ended up clearing them all. We than heard they were going revs so we quickly geared back up and waited to scout them, To our surprise they logged into our world with 20 people in a DD. We quckly gwas'd them and got multiple plus ones and ended on a good note.
  7. Hello Tangleroot :)

    are u fucking kidding me