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  1. Elve


    sick song choice brother.
  2. After a solid F2P Trip Yesterday we were super motivated for Sunday, We wanted a fat pull and thats exactly what we got, We massed up 70 Green Men and later peaked at 75 Pure Elites for our P2P Trip. We waited in multi for clans to hit us, They wouldnt so we waited for clans to fight, We heard Supremacy and Misfits were in a world together, We logged in north of them and pushed south and wrapped around Misfits, Once we wrapped around Misfits we pushed north and completely steamrolled through Misfits and Supremacy. Final Ownage Elites logged in from the east and tried to crash us. Once we cleared both clans we teleported to edge. Misfits wasnt coming near us, Until we caught them with their pants down. We logged in ontop of Misfits and caught the entire MF leadership team, We pushed east at boneyard and completely murdered every single MF member. After clearing Misfits we stayed in multi, Intense Redemption logged in east of us and rushed us, We caught them in massive clumps right on the rush, We had a couple 5-10 Man clumps, Once those clumps died we got super aggressive and pushed on top of IR. IR started to run to singles and the fight was crashed, We had maintained 55+ and IR had 30 in singles. We setup a 1v1 against Intense Redemption at GDZ. We had Eruption of Pures and Final Ownage Elites near us waiting (cringe). We rushed IR from the west and started to caught clumps, We continued fighting until EOP came, We went west and started to hit EOP. We pushed EOP all the way east from spiders to new gate. Once EOP was almost gone we turned around on IR. We started fighting both clans near new gate. Once we had both clans to around 10-20 opts, We went north and caught a bank. After banking we went back up to hit the fight, We logged in southwest of it. We ran north and smoked Intense Redemption who were fighting north of GDZ against Eruption of Pures. We started pushing them east, eventually both clans started teaming on us. We went south near singles and killed a couple stagglers and caught a bank.
  3. After quickly smoking Misfits this morning after talking a little smack, We massed up 50 Fatality Members and went out to get the most action. We set up a fight against Apex as our first fight of the day. They defended north of Boneyard and we rushed them with even opts. Eruption of Pures came to chill next to our fight to anti-crash and after a bit of fighting back and forth, the fight inched north towards vents where Purge got their first taste of what a F2p trip is like. We quickly picked off the people in their non-existent clump and dipped it to the east after Apex dipped towards mossies to the west for a rebank. We heard of a cluster happening near the castle, We logged in south of the castle and found Apex and Eruption of Pures fighting, We quickly started focusing Apex and anyone else we could catch out. We stayed around the castle for several minutes. Eventually It was only Eruption of Pures left and we dipped to go catch a bank. We setup a fight with Final Ownage Elites, but Apex decided they they wanted to fight really quick, They logged in west of us at barb. We started fighting for some time near barb when Final Ownage Elites rushed, We instantly turned out focus to foe who rushed with Against All Odds right near them, AAO started hitting us so we quickly focused east and cleared their 18 man pull. We continued northwest on FOE. We fought south of monastary till EOP crashed and FOE logged out. We were the last clan in the world.
  4. These MF retards flamed couck and what does he do? not even 2 hours later he demoralizes them x3 and ends their pk trip and leaks their audio. @danrics @kanicus stay silent dogs.

  5. Elve

    Australian Team

    the hive is collapsing the queen has died.
  6. battled back from down opts, brought the fight back down 30-18 on rush.
  7. We setup a short prep'd F2P PKRI vs Supremacy, We agreed on 25v25 but after both clans broke the cap, It just turned into a uncapped fight. We defended in world 71 at the pot shop near barb. Supremacy originally rushed the 22 Fatality Members we had defending with 28 Supremacy. (They blamed nightmare kids for that) regardless, we continued to fight down opts for 20-30 Minutes until Mother Fatality started gaining, We eventually peaked at 30 Fatality Members and once we did we began to steamroll through Supremacy. We had put them in singles multiple times and went back to barb village. We pushed them northwest one finally time where 10 of them would run to singles. We went back to barb caught a full ending and went down the tunnel and logged. Thanks for the semi clean action, Shame about the nightmare/mains kids who received an "invite" from YOUR clan. Proof On Supremacy Breaking 25v25. [UPLOADING]