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  1. Ranqe 1


    Nice gains man, keep it up
  2. One of best anniversary I've been to by far as both f2p and p2p trip where amazing as we fought basically every clan out there. I know i joined 2 years ago but still proud to say I'm still in fatality and hoping fi only gets better from here on out. Happy anniversary fatality!! #bleedgreen #greenmachines #fatality #nightshift fi till i die'
  3. Ranqe 1

    2100. 8 LEFT

    gratz man
  4. Ranqe 1

    Mithril Gloves

    gratz man
  5. Ranqe 1

    Og Intro

    welcome mate
  6. aye, gratz man
  7. Ranqe 1

    Midweek man Teleblock returns

    Teley!!!!!!! welcome back brother, time to get rob and s2 in fi aye. #nightshifts
  8. Ranqe 1

    My rng at revs. :)

    500 kills later.. #ranqe #ficaves #yeet
  9. Ranqe 1

    grats anon