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  1. Holy moly

    gratz man
  2. first ever fullout!!!

    I must say, this being my first fullout ever! i'm trying to ask as many question, get as much advice as possible, but i'm also aiming to win with Apex!! lets try win this an claim our thrown as #1 clan in pure community, i hope to see you all there! shout out to apex, we have your backs apex, i hope you have ours because fatality is here to win it! #apex #ibleedgreen #trusttheprocess #fatality
  3. Can i app now?

    fatality btw
  4. gz on 99 magic! almost maxed out aye #Blyat
  5. fi pride

    loool we get called out so bad in his vid, oooga booga fatality
  6. Fatality on my body

    haha i like it!
  7. New pk video

    nice vid fam
  8. Wizard lvl 97, heart lvl 96

    ayyye gratz
  9. Blyat

    born of Blyat fellas, lets get it!