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  1. I wish it defaulted to crush attacks instead of buffing the slash attack
  2. Pure-v-M

    God Book On 10HP No Overheads Pure

    No point in a 10hp rusher without ironman, itll just get ruined after a day of rushing otherwise
  3. Pure-v-M

    God Book On 10HP No Overheads Pure

    Its an ironman so I cba to lose 30k every time I die
  4. Pure-v-M

    God Book On 10HP No Overheads Pure

    Going for 60 attack 75 str 82 mage 31 prayer, will be 50 combat with some nice dds rushes
  5. Pure-v-M

    God Book On 10HP No Overheads Pure

    I'm already 40 cb
  6. Pure-v-M

    Pure-v-M Intro

    I. Who introduced you to Fatality? Nobody, I guess II. Do you plan on joining Fatality? No. Just looking for more pure friends who like bossing III. What is your current RuneScape Name? Pure-v-M, private chat's on IV. What is your RuneScape(Clanning) history? In misfits, I've never clanned prior V. What are your goals for your RuneScape account? Wildy elite diary, 99 slayer, 2k total, boss pets VI. Anything else you'd like to add? My goal for posting this here is to get a more united 1 def scene/community. Being in different clans means we fight in the wild/clan wars, not at the ge/edgeville. We can still hang out together, boss/pet hunt/play minigames/skill together, etc.
  7. Some of these teleports have requirements: Desert Treasure complete for all ancient teleports and tabs 57 Woodcutting for highest level canoe Wilderness Hard Diary to reliably use the teleport obelisks 74 Agility + Wilderness Hard Diary for lava dragon agility shortcut Wilderness Elite Diary for unlimited teles to glory hill Requirements: 10 Construction - Move POH to Tav Goblin Village Tele - Another Slice of HAM Falador Respawn - Recruitment Drive Requirements: Plague City for Ardy Teleport Biohazard for West Ardy Teleport Ardy Easy Diary for Cloak teleport Tree Gnome Village for Spirit Trees & "Follow" option out of maze Requirements 25 Construction to move POH here 46 Agility for river shortcut Xeric's Talisman (note: is dropped on death, but does not turn to coins and does not lose charges)
  8. Pure-v-M

    Slayer beast

    Nice dude, I'm 84 right now looking forward to sire when I get that next level
  9. Pure-v-M

    1-94 mage

    I splashed in castle wars boosting halo/top to 55 mage, then alched with tome of fire while cannoning ogres to 65 mage, then fire wave from 65-94. Or if you do slayer for range xp you can burst dust devils and not lose any gp from 70-94.
  10. A lot easier than before, still takes some skill/practice. You can't trap anything with a center spawn, so each wave where a 360 spawns center is pretty tough.
  11. Keep track of where each monster spawns for the first 3-5 waves, then you'll know where the 360s/180s/90s will spawn every wave and can change spots accordingly.
  12. Venenatis ~15-18 kills/hr Safespot in 30 wilderness, can teleport on sight of PKer Safespot Guide - Vetion Trident is better DPS against the hellhounds if you don't have an elder maul, it's about the same as a bludgeon. If you're using an anchor/godsword/sara sword, use the trident. South Safespot Closer to 30 wilderness, easier to teleport from solo/small teams The more common of the two spots, very heavily PKed ~12-14 kills/hr Video guide to lure (shitty music) - North Safespot Seldom PKed at Lava dragon isle shortcut available for easy escape from PKers ~12-14 kills/hr Video guide with commentary - Callisto Normal Safespot - Single combat, easy escapes Extremely slow kills (~8-12/hr) 1 prayer friendly Video guide - Chinning Safespot Very fast kills (20-25/hr) ~30-35 chins/kill, still make some profit High risk, only recommend if you have a main/alt to trade chins/loot after each kill Video guide -
  13. I'll just ignore them anyway. Figured a step by step guide on how to go from new account to applicant ready stats/quests in two weeks could be useful to you guys too. edit: I also have a wilderness boss guide I'll post when I get home that's a bit better than the ones you have linked here.
  14. Yeah just here as a guest. I don't get involved in drama, I'm just here to have fun and pk.