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  1. Got the requirements

    Thanks man im really working on it i havent pure or main clanned in like two years and thats all i used to do like the only reason i play is to clan
  2. Got the requirements

    Im always in the cc and on your discord. Ill buy gp but i tried on your advertisement link i tried to make a account and it went to a like 404 wrong page error anyone have a link to buy some im 24 and have a job i can buy some easily. I just need to know where to go
  3. Got the requirements

    Just got 90 str Now im 60 att 90 str 1 def 52 pray 90 range 94 mage 86 hp Combat level 77 I just gonna make some cash for a shit ton of returning sets and gear. Any idea on money or idk if u can still buy it. Just let me know id really like to join you guys
  4. im so close to applying like 200k left till 90 str i miss this shit so much
  5. Sunday - Big Sunday Slammers.

    looked fun guys
  6. fuck yeah

    yeah i went through withdraw. and yeah i know someone in fatality. but also iv been clanning for years. main, rune pure/tank, and pure. been playing since classic
  7. fuck yeah

    computer went down and a friend built me a new one so im back. im getting close to 88 str. soon as i get 90 str ima apply wooo
  8. [Topic]Fatality Vs Pheonix [3-0]

    looked like fun
  9. str

    thanks guys
  10. [2018] January Clan of the Month

    i cannot wait to apply
  11. str

    5 more levels
  12. maxed

    damn nice
  13. closer to applying

    just 6 levels to go