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  1. still training

    now that i got 99 range and mage im working on str and hp just letting u know im still at it
  2. good luck lee

    keep it up!
  3. yeah lets keep this going it was fun as hell, win or lose action is all that matters
  4. 99 range out of the way~

    nice man i got mine recently too
  5. Mager

    fuck yeah man, i cannot wait
  6. HP 💖

    nice brother
  7. Tuesday - 2 Hour PK.

    this is good p2p practice for me. im still working on it.
  8. It Me Juicy

    nice to meet you
  9. second 99!

    str next
  10. Monty's Intro

    welcome buddy
  11. i gotta say lets do more gdz fights we can easily telly up and it 1v1 i had a blast! ill put pictures on there in a bit