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  1. Craig

    well getting started

    goth sold it to me and stole it back a year later soon as i got 99 hp
  2. on my new 60 attack pure long road ahead
  3. Craig

    Brief Sushi Intro

  4. Craig

    bow cape

    big man:)
  5. Craig

    still keepin busy

    still pissed goth recovered the 60 attack pure that i bought and iv been training for over a year and i maxed out but whatever. im just lucky i didnt get def on this acc because i was thinking about it since i had the other one
  6. Craig

    99 combat.

    ill get 85 pray when i get some more cash
  7. Craig

    Little guy getting bigger

    nice acc i miss my 60 att pure
  8. Craig

    Race War saying hello

    you came to the right place welcome:)
  9. Craig

    Fatality steamrolls clusters

    was fun see you guys tomorrow