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  1. white male gets swatted by 2 black knights

    Watched a porno that started like this once
  2. l00000000000l

  3. when the aussies log in for events

    We're cute and feisty
  4. Another 99 almost done.

    Wow.. fishing, rc and hunter to go ... someone's going to make some dosh what skill next?
  5. ;)

  6. Gonna say sorry

    Irl always comes first x
  7. Why guys who wear uggs are losers

    You guys are missing out on a whole lot of comfort
  8. Ex-Fi B41T

    Just get basic mmz quests done and autoclick to max. Easy as and you can still enjoy irl oh and hello x
  9. @Rage members in Supremacy

    Which rage member was this directed at?
  10. Would You Do This?

    Should've put in $1000 and he gets a tattoo decided by donor and free drawn by his mates. Would've made irl bonk
  11. DONE.

    Mining and agility.... I'm so confused and impressed that you have those 99s before others
  12. Dips

    Hello... kenny is hard to resist. He poached me and my heart aswell
  13. coming bac home to gainzzz

    Welcome to Hogwarts
  14. Quadruple.

    Looking good
  15. Lmfao

    I have two pairs. One for inside. One for outside. So soft.