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  1. Pure vs zerker

    Eh I'll just go 60 for claws and lowish cb and if I ever do go zerk it will be after I try 75 attack pure
  2. Pure vs zerker

    Currently 50 attack pure deciding on 60 or 75 attack but at 75 attack bracket zerkers fucking destroy you and it's pushing me towards being a zerker help 😂
  3. bye

    Happy birthday and enjoy man
  4. Sup Meme Queens V2 - GAINZ-

    Will be 94 mage by Monday and can easily get 90+ range tomorrow if i decide to chin a bit but im unsure
  5. Sup Meme Queens V2 - GAINZ-

    Gains so far not long off goals
  6. Chester Bennington @ Linkin Park dead 😰

    Im legit bawling out, I saw them live 2 weeks ago and been a massive part of my life :'(
  7. It's more I haven't downloaded ts yet and I work long hours everyday and can just about manage nmz to train 😂
  8. FFS best apply then, im just lazy to take screens atm lmfao
  9. So how do I add a signature bc I hate how bland my posts are lmfao, thanks for the help in advance
  10. slowly geting there.

    nice one lad, i just got 85 myself
  11. leetdragonfarmerkid69

    No way 😡
  12. What have I told you about this nan fetish 😪