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  1. Lmao

  2. 99 Farmtality

    issa big man ting
  3. no food no worrys RIP m8

    Aye, sweet shit bro
  4. lvl100 Slayer

    Cause the grind is funnyyy
  5. Small stream clip vid before new vid

    @Marwan got that A4 guy at the end, feelsbadmannnn @Champloos you'd have gotten 40M
  6. Aye aye where's my split I warmed u up
  7. My harpoon went stronk.

    Yeee we cashed out, but keepin it on the low like 50 cent
  8. My harpoon went stronk.

    Hhhhh went to the Harpoongang foundation
  9. @Peng @Champloos @Locals @Marcus
  10. he's back

    It's crazy xp there
  11. yep still here

    Lmao, how you gonna run out of prayer at 75 prayer clown. Grats thooo
  12. The last offensive.

    Got it back, died, and got it back again lmfao.