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  1. Weekly questions - Week 1

    I'm 21 turning 22 very soon.
  2. Gold To Scape - Our New Sponsor!

    Vouching for @Angelin , good shit ;).
  3. New and improved

    Hit the gym huh
  4. new vid

    Lmao at the music and last clip. Good video though.
  5. I process the trust

    dikke bmwwwwwwwwww
  6. banned btw

    Lmfao you must be the first one to get caught with Gary's hood
  7. ROT Wins Again

    Dear god that's some lewt
  8. This is getting too easy.

    Really? Jeez lmao. Figured it was like maxing out on a main and the 97 or 98 would do it smh
  9. This is getting too easy.

    Thanks mate. I haven't tried any of those things at all yet, maybe in the future I will but I feel this is better fit for me as it's afk
  10. Hi hi

    I'm getting around 170-180K xp/hr and yes it's pretty afk. Just pull out max mage as in staff/book/boots/gloves/amulet and use the rest to gear up in prayer bonus gear. You can probably afk 2-3 minutes from 52 prayer before you'll have to sip a drink, depending on yourself of course. I sip one prayer potion everytime I hit around 30 prayer to keep it high as possible and I think I can afk around 1-2 minutes with that. Compared to the xp/hr it's definitely worth it.