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  1. Wsuo


    Congrats man
  2. Wsuo

    83 cons :)

    Congrats man ;).
  3. Wsuo

    99 Magic ~ OS Rave

    Congrats man
  4. Wsuo


    !Loc 99 hp and mage idiot
  5. Wsuo

    #Harpoongang as usual.

    Yeah it's not the real Kids Ranqe, but this guy just happens to be a streamer lol
  6. Wsuo

    #Harpoongang as usual.

    My nigga alex doee
  7. Wsuo

    #Harpoongang as usual.

    Yeah he was streaming but didn't clip it forgot to lool. Peng said he was flaming me tho
  8. Wsuo

    #Harpoongang as usual.

    Lmao ex-fi gang gang nigga
  9. Wsuo

    #Harpoongang as usual.

    When we had noticed Kids Ranqe was going out again, while streaming, in risk, we decided to chase him around and catch him skulled. Unfortunately, he pussied out as we massed up. His twitch followers then persuaded him to degear his risk and he went out with a +1 of Elder Maul. Noticing his prayer was getting low when we falled in on him, he decided to suicide and keep his maul. After this, he went bankstanding for around 30 minutes and then called upon every NHer to come duel arena stake him for something. I took it upon myself that it is my duty as a member of Harpoongang to catch him for at least a couple mill. Baited him with 2 rigged fights in arena for fun, then we went with the stake and here's the results. @Champloos @Peng
  10. Wsuo

    Harpoongang ft. Peng Spy Network

    Issa minor ting for us #hg
  11. Wsuo

    Cooking up the f2p Sauce.

    big mannnn
  12. Wsuo

    Iv'e Made it boys

    Sweet man