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  1. lol ezzzzzzzz
  2. no pics no proof soz <3
  3. whats a good site to take pics fast? i had like 5 kills but didnt take pics
  4. what every1 has been waiting for the name change boys
  5. that would be me my young savage
  6. tyvm for getting cape and i see u got the hp lvl legend bro fuckin legend VOUCH! Best firecaper in fatality!
  7. ya thought so i have joust bag ima make him even better
  8. u sold that for irl geepees or the game geepees
  9. pretty much do all the quests for mith gloves and turn off the monsters tht mage/range and just melee and bring full inv of ppots and just camp there till u run out of ppots and repeat :p gl
  10. put in work at castle wars rune scims op
  11. gainz gainz gainz cogratz bro
  12. gf account <3 dont worry my 1 def pure is still mint and in the process of becoming a green beast!
  13. Garble #1 firecaper! Do it for the vine!
  14. okay so as u boys know i came over from AAO with @Gucccii @Tingling because AAO is pretty much ded now RIP boys but my 20 def name is currently named AAO Saturn his name will be able to be changed in a day or two i believe and was wanting you guys help with a name change so here we go boys drop them names for me and when the time is here i will suprise everyone with which one i chose gl to all the sexy names you drop Also my 1 def pure which is in this clan his name can be changed to so if i like a name someone throws down i might change it to that