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  1. Bindz

    What's up mates

    welcome brotha
  2. Bindz


    Shit Im on nights as well. I'd be stoked to get it up and going again
  3. Bindz

    Real Kings of Gdz

    Had me dying lmfao
  4. Bindz

    Legacy - The beginning of the end

    Geez how cringe man... WIsh we had more tbh
  5. Bindz

    Skull Fucking Legacy, Fatality Style

    Good pov bros slaughtered them niggas
  6. Bindz

    3rd 99 Soon

    Gz bud
  7. Bindz

    initiating rag protocol

    the gainzz gz pain
  8. Bindz

    Harry's Quesionnaire Awards!

    Hell yeah nigga! Ima wear that sig with some pride baby Thanks @Harry the3rd
  9. It was glorious EZZZ for FI
  10. Right on man, gz on the gains
  11. Bindz

    99 str

    Hell yeah man big congratz to you on the 99!
  12. Bindz

    intro pl0x

    Ayeeee brother!! I was chatting with you in cc last night!. Stoked you decided to app my man. I believe you'll do good things and be a solid asset to FI Welcome to the community man Add me ingame too. 'Bindz'