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  1. Bindz

    i has a bigsword now

    The Dds/Gmaul movement is an even bigger flex
  2. Big dick sword pkz
  3. Bindz

    Hello #Jass

    Welcome bro! Dmn ur rsn is so familiar. Hope you decide to stay for good this time brotha. GL
  4. Bindz

    My Fatality tattoos

    Ehhh, you do you I guess lol. Fatality is a awesome word and all.
  5. Bindz

    7 more lvls babes

    Almost there ladies....
  6. You guys did flawless! They dropped like flies Good fucking job
  7. Bindz

    Midweek man Teleblock returns

    THE BOY!!! Welcome back brotha
  8. Bindz

    very big update

  9. Bindz

    What's up mates

    welcome brotha
  10. Bindz


    Shit Im on nights as well. I'd be stoked to get it up and going again