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  1. Bindz

    Gainz before trip

    Hell yeah bro, big gz to you!
  2. Bindz

    prod and stuff

    welcome to the community bro!
  3. Bindz

    Few more levels

    Congratz brotha! Get them gainz a day at a time
  4. Bindz

    f2p pic dump

    Was a fun trip! Glad I made it today
  5. Bindz


    Hell yeah bro, very nice Glad to have you here
  6. Bindz

    First kill back

    Got a little gift from singles pking right after trip It's been awhile since I've got a smite
  7. Bindz

    Former Misfits member speaks out!

    Good lawd, ripping an experienced member? Mf has hit a new low I guess since I've been gone
  8. Bindz

    Misfits hype topic wow!!!

    Damn, Misfits is still salty?!?! You would think they would of learned a lesson after we slaughtered them the first rivalry we had
  9. Shit wassss fun. Was a nice lil warmup for tomorrow
  10. Slappin Aao and Mf around was pretty lit dude. I really enjoyed it. Were gonna repeat it tomorrow too watch
  11. Damn, y'all slaughtered them. Good fucking shit fellas
  12. Bindz

    Savage Fatalian

    That Twelfe Yaers sig tho... Shit had me dying lmao
  13. Bindz

    Back from a long break

    Welceom back dude I remember seeing you around in cc Gl on the new pure
  14. Bindz

    I still rep

    Nicee boii. Gj