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  1. got my cape

    Good shit bro, congratz
  2. [Part 2] Spring Promotions 2018

    Fuck yeah, all these boys deserve this. COngratz to you all
  3. Was soo LIT dude I cant w8 to see what tomorrows trip is going to be like
  4. 23. 2018 Max Caper LMFAO

    hell yeah bro, big congratz to ya. One helluva achievement
  5. I Got 99Def And Started Staking...

    Lmfao, your fuckin hilarious dude I enjoyed watching that ahah
  6. [Part 1] Spring Promos 2018

    Ayyyeeee, Congratz boys! I'm proud of you lot

    Dammmnnnn, Congratz big dick Brazil!
  8. first 99 on this account

    Hell yeah, Gratz brother! And its magic, the best cape imo ;p
  9. Damn @Marcus Your vid was the best You return with the quickness bro Very nice bruh
  10. I love dicking AAO to singles Bunch of fucking downies I swear
  11. Fucking perfected them. Good fucking job boys
  12. Wtf is a COA? And damnnnn, these are some sexy ass loots
  13. Good lawd, I love smacking AAO around Bunch of fuckin downies I sswear
  14. BaBy PuRe atm

    Damn brother, congratz Nice pure btw
  15. <3 Couck

    I was there today son Y'all just thought I was an applicant for some reason lmao